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Batman (Sega Mega Drive Video Game)
... Batman is a video game released for the Sega Mega Drive, which was inspired by the Tim Burton directed Batman film from 1989 ... The Mega Drive/Genesis version was also produced by Sunsoft ...
Compile (publisher) - Video Games Developed By Compile
1990 Mega Drive Mystic Arts Nazo Puyo Nazo Puyo 2 Parlour Games Power Strike Sega Master System Power Strike II Sega Master System, Game Gear Puyo ... Seirei Senshi Spriggan Sonic Classics 1997 Mega Drive Spriggan Mark 2 Super Aleste 1992 Vertical shooter Super Nazo Puyo 2 Ruruu no Tetsuwan Hanjyouki Super Nazo Puyo ...
Climax Entertainment - Games
... in the Darkness (with Camelot Software Planning) (Mega Drive) Shining Force (with Camelot Software Planning) (Mega Drive) Landstalker (Mega Drive) Lady ...
List Of Sega Arcade System Boards - Sega Mega-Tech
... The Sega Mega-Tech was an arcade system developed by Sega Europe in 1989 ... It is based on Mega Drive/Genesis hardware, and more or less identical ... The PCB for the Mega-Tech also includes the ability to display to a second monitor, which contains a list of the games installed in the machine and also displays instructions for controlling the game, 1 or 2 player ...
List Of Video Games Based On DC Comics - List of Video Games
... Tynesoft Capstone Batman 1989B !1989 NES Sunsoft Sunsoft Batman The Video Game 1990A !1990 Mega Drive Sunsoft Sunsoft Batman 1990B !1990 Arcade Nu-Mega Atari Games Batman ... THQ Superman 1992A !1992 Mega Drive Sunsoft Sunsoft Swamp Thing 1992B !1992 Game Boy, NES Imagineering THQ Batman Returns 1993A !1993 Amiga, Atari Lynx ...

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