Mediterranean Climate - Mediterranean Biome

Mediterranean Biome

The Mediterranean forests, woodlands, and scrub biome is closely associated with Mediterranean climate zones. Particularly distinctive of the climate are sclerophyll shrublands, called maquis in the Mediterranean Basin, chaparral in California, matorral in Chile, fynbos in South Africa, and mallee and kwongan shrublands in Australia. Aquatic communities in Mediterranean climate regions are adapted to a yearly cycle in which abiotic (environmental) controls of stream populations and community structure dominate during floods, Biotic component (e.g. competition and predation) controls become increasingly important as the discharge declines, and environmental controls regain dominance as environmental conditions become very harsh (i.e. hot and dry); as a result, these communities are well suited to recover from droughts, floods, and fires.

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Mediterranean Climate - Mediterranean Biome - Natural Vegetation
... The native vegetation of Mediterranean climate lands must be adapted to survive long, hot summer droughts and prolonged wet periods in winter ... Mediterranean vegetation examples include the following Evergreen trees such as Pines, Cypresses, and Oaks Deciduous trees such as Sycamores, Oaks, and ... Much native vegetation in Mediterranean climate area valleys have been cleared for agriculture ...