Maximianus or Maximian may refer to:

  • Maximian (Marcus Aurelius Valerius Maximianus Herculius), co-emperor with Diocletian, 286–305
  • Galerius Maximianus, Roman emperor, 305–311
  • Magnus Maximus, or Maximianus (c. 335–388), usurping ruler of the Western Roman Empire
  • Archbishop Maximianus of Constantinople, archbishop 431–434
  • Maximianus of Ravenna (499–556), bishop of Ravenna
  • Maximianus (poet), sixth-century Latin poet

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Maximianus (poet) - Reception
... Despite its erotic content, Maximianus's verse was part of the corpus of texts used in the 11th and 12th centuries to teach schoolboys the rudiments of Latin, though ... poem entitled "Le Regret de Maximian" was based on Maximianus's first elegy, and Chaucer's use of the Latin poet's work has been investigated by a number of scholars ... Gauricus, suppressing the distich in which the name Maximianus appears and altering the reference to Boethius, published the verse as the work of the first-century-BC poet Cornelius Gallus, whose elegies were ...
Conan Meriadoc - Geoffrey and The Dream of Macsen
... When the throne is offered instead to "Maximianus", Geoffrey's version of Magnus Maximus, Conan at first opposes him, but the two are reconciled after Maximianus' marriage to ... Later Maximianus leads the armies of Britain to march on Rome, and he quickly conquers Armorica, where he establishes Conan as the king with instructions to found "anot ... Later, when Maximianus has been killed in Rome, his fleeing troops return to Armorica and join Conan's settlement ...
Marcus Valerius Maximianus
... Marcus Valerius Maximianus was an important Roman general of the period of the Marcomannic Wars during the reign of Marcus Aurelius ... where his father, also called Marcus Valerius Maximianus, was local censor and priest ... Maximianus was appointed prefect of the lance-bearing cavalry and was in charge of the cavalry on the expedition to Syria to quell the revolt of Avidius Cassius in 175 ...
Maximianus (poet)
... Maximianus or Maximian (sometimes referred to as Maximianus Etruscus) was a Latin elegiac poet of the 6th century, who has been called "in some sort, the last of the Roman poets" ...