Maryam may refer to:

  • Maryam (name) (Arabic for Mary), a female given name (including a list of people with this name)
  • Mary in Islam
  • Maryam (sura), 19th sura of the Qur'an
  • Maryam (film), 2002 film about a young Iranian immigrant living in the US during the Iran hostage crisis
  • Mosque Maryam, a large mosque in Chicago, Illinois, and headquarters of the Nation of Islam religious movement
  • 85471 Maryam, an asteroid

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Canada's Next Top Model, Cycle 3 - Episode Summaries - Rippin' It Up
... Miss J critiqued Maryam for walking with her head down, and Nikita for walking with her bottom out too far ... Maryam ripped Linsay's dress while trying to help the stylists dress Linsay ... Linsay, Maryam, Nikita and Meaghan wore tissue dresses designed by Thien LE, David Dixon, Joyce Gunhouse for Comrags, and Lucian Matis, respectively ...
Son Of Maryam
... Son of Maryam (Persian 'ﭕﺴﺮ مريم' Pesar-e Maryam‎), (1998) is an Iranian drama film directed by Hamid Jebelli and starring Rafik Dergabrilian, Mohsen Falsafin, Hadi ...
Mosque Maryam
... Mosque Maryam (Temple #2) is a large mosque in Chicago, Illinois, United States and the headquarters of the Nation of Islam ... It was named after Mary, the mother of Jesus ("Maryam" is Arabic for Mary) ... The main Mosque Maryam room is unusual for an American mosque, since it contained pews later replaced with seats ...
Saint Mary (film)
... Saint Mary (Persian مریم مقدس‎, also Maryam al-Muqaddasah, Maryam Moghaddas, Maryam Adhraa Maryam Al-Muqadasa "The Honourable/Blessed Saint Mary") is a 2002 ...
List Of People Mentioned By Name In The Quran - General List - Isa's Time
... Imran (father of Maryam) (Q 333, 335, 6612) Zakariyya (7 times) Yaħyā (5 times) Maryam (34 times) Maryam is the only female person mentioned in the Qur'an by her ... 'Īsā (25 times) Al-Masih (11 times) and Ibn Maryam (son of Mary) (23 times) as well ...