In academia:

  • Ivana Markova (born 1938), Czechoslovak-British emeritus professor of psychology at the University of Stirling
  • John Markoff (sociologist) (born 1942), American professor of sociology and history at the University of Pittsburgh

In math, science, and technology:

  • Alexander V. Markov (1965-), Russian biologist
  • Andrey Markov (1856–1922), Russian mathematician
  • Andrey Markov (Soviet mathematician) (1903–1979), son of Andrey Markov
  • John Markoff (born 1949), American journalist of computer industry and technology
  • Moisey Markov (1908–1994), Russian physicist
  • Vladimir Andreevich Markov (1871–1897), Russian mathematician, brother of Andrey Markov (Sr.)

In performing arts:

  • Albert Markov, Russian American violinist, composer
  • Alexander Markov, current Russian American violinist
  • Dame Alicia Markova (1910–2004), British prima ballerina
  • Margaret Markov (born 1951), Yugoslav-American actress of film and television
  • Rimma Markova (born 1925), popular Soviet and Russian actress

In politics:

  • Eufrosina Dvoichenko-Markov, Soviet KGB spy in New York City during World War II
  • Georgi Markov (1929–1978), Bulgarian dissident who was assassinated in London
  • Helmuth Markov (born 1952), German politician and Member of the European Parliament
  • Nikolai Yevgenyevich Markov (1866–1945), Russian right-wing politician
  • Sergey Alexandrovich Markov (born 1958), Russian political scientist, nationalist politician
  • Sergey Leonidovich Markov (1878–1918), Russian army general, anti-Bolshevik during Soviet civil war
  • Vladimir Ivanovich Markov (1859–1919), Russian politician, last Minister-Secretary of State for Finland in Czarist regime

In sports:

  • Alexei Markov (born 1979), Russian road bicycle racer
  • Aleksei Markov (athlete), Estonian athlete
  • Andrei Markov (ice hockey) (born 1978), Russian ice hockey player in the NHL
  • Danny Markov (born 1976), professional ice hockey player for the Detroit Red Wings
  • Dmitri Markov (born 1975), Belarusian pole vaulter representing Australia
  • Dmitry Viktorovich Markov (born 1981), Russian soccer player
  • Dragomir Markov (born 1971), Bulgarian swimmer
  • Georgi Markov (footballer) (born 1972), Bulgarian footballer
  • Georgi Markov (weightlifter) (born 1978), Bulgarian weightlifter
  • Georgi Markov (wrestler) (born 1946), Bulgarian wrestler
  • Khristo Markov (born 1965), Bulgarian triple jumper
  • Ilya Markov (born 1972), Russian race walker
  • Marko Markov (born 1981), Bulgarian footballer
  • Miglena Markova (born 1983), Bulgarian rower
  • Nikolay Valeryevich Markov (born 1985), Russian footballer
  • Olga Markova (athlete) (born 1968), Russian long-distance runner
  • Olga Markova (figure skater) (born 1974), Russian figure skater

In other fields:

  • Alexei Markov (folklorist) (1877–1917), Russian expert in folklore
  • Philip Markoff (1986–2010), defendant in a murder case in Boston, MA, who died before the trial commenced
  • Walterina Markova (real name Walter Dempster), Philippine drag queen and World War II sex slave

In fiction:

  • Tara Markov, name of comic book character Terra
  • Frantisek Markov, character in Dungeons & Dragons

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