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Malvern, Worcestershire - Culture - Malvern Water
... Malvern water flows freely from a number of fountains or spouts throughout the Malvern area ... by several organisations, including the Town Council, the Heritage Lottery Fund, The Malvern Spa Association, and the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty ... The water became famous for containing "nothing at all" ...
Malvern, Worcestershire - History - Development As A Spa (17th–19th Centuries)
... The health-giving properties of Malvern water and the natural beauty of the surroundings led to the development of Malvern as a spa, with resources for invalids and for tourists ... legend has it that the curative benefit of the spring water was known in mediaeval times ... The medicinal value and the bottling of Malvern water are mentioned "in a poem attributed to the Reverend Edmund Rea, who became Vicar of Great ...
Colwall - Malvern Water
... Malvern water has formed a part of the national heritage and culture since Queen Elizabeth I made a point of drinking it in public in the 16th century, and Queen Victoria refused to ... Great speech of Malvern Hills was late reported Unto which spring people in troops resorted ... ” It was first bottled on a commercial scale in 1851 and sold as Malvern Soda and then as Malvern Seltzer Water from 1856 ...
Malvern Hills - Geology - Malvern Water
... The quality of Malvern water is attributable to its source ... Malvern Hills are amongst the oldest and hardest rocks found in the United Kingdom, with their geology responsible for the quality of Malvern's spring water ... Malvern water is rainwater and snow meltwater that percolates through fissures created by the pressures of tectonic movements about 300 million years ago when advancing sedimentary ...

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    Iron which is not whetted will grow rusty; water which does not flow will become stagnant.
    Chinese proverb.

    Ye elms that wave on Malvern Hill
    In prime of morn and May,
    Recall ye how McClellan’s men
    Here stood at bay?
    Herman Melville (1819–1891)