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List Of Home Computers By Video Hardware - The Main Classes of Video Hardware
... There are two main categories of solutions for a home computer to generate a video signal ... Simple video shift register based solutions, have a simple "video shifter chip", and the main CPU doing most of the complex stuff ... because the IC's in this class depend on the main CPU to feed them with picture data ...
Types of Video Display Controllers
... They get the video data from the main CPU, a byte at a time, and convert it to a serial bitstream (hence the technical name "Video shifter") ... The main CPU needs to do the bulk of the work ... Video coprocessors have their own internal CPU dedicated to reading (and writing) their own video RAM, and converting the contents of this video RAM to a video signal ...
Zilog Z80 - Notable Uses - Embedded Systems and Consumer Electronics - Consumer Electronics
... arcade games, and was commonly used as the main CPU, sound or video coprocessors ... Pac-Man arcade games feature a single Z80 as the main CPU ... such as King Balloon and Check Man that use the Namco Galaxian boardset also use a Z80 as the main CPU ...

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