Magic Number

Magic number may refer to:

  • Magic number (chemistry), number of atoms or molecules forming an exceptionally stable cluster
  • Magic number (sports), a number that indicates how close a team is to winning a season title
  • Magic number (oil), the price per barrel of oil at which an oil exporting nation runs a deficit
  • Magic number (physics), the number of nucleons that results in complete atomic-nuclear shells
  • Magic number (programming), originally the UNIX way of recognizing file types
  • Magic Numbers (TV series)
  • Magic Number (game), a pricing game on The Price is Right
  • "Magic Number" (Maaya Sakamoto song)
  • "The Magic Number", a 1990 song by De La Soul from 3 Feet High and Rising
  • The Magic Numbers, a British rock band

Other articles related to "magic number, magic, numbers":

Hassium - Isotopes - 270Hs: Prospects For A Deformed Doubly Magic Nucleus
... According to calculations, 108 is a proton magic number for deformed nuclei (nuclei that are far from spherical), and 162 is a neutron magic number for deformed nuclei ... reduced by a factor of 109 in comparison with those in the vicinity of the spherical doubly magic nucleus 298Fl, caused by the narrower fission barrier for ... Hence, the nucleus 270Hs has promise as a deformed doubly magic nucleus ...
Magic Circle (mathematics) - Yang Hui Magic Circles - Yang Hui Magic Concentric Circle
... Yang Hui's magic concentric circle has the following properties The sum of the numbers on four diameters = 147, 28 + 5 + 11 + 25 + 9 + 7 + 19 + 31 + 12 = 147 The sum of 8 numbers plus 9 ...
September 2005 In Sports - 25 September 2005
... Athletics 2 Oakland's loss reduces the Angels' magic number in the AL West to 4 ... National League Atlanta Braves 5, Florida Marlins 3 Atlanta's magic number in the NL East drops to 2 ... Diamondbacks 4, San Diego Padres 3 San Diego's magic number in the NL West remains at 4 ...
Magic Number (oil)
... The magic number is a term in economics that denotes the price of crude oil (measured in dollars per barrel) at which a crude oil exporting economy runs a deficit ... The magic number denotes the point at which the revenue from oil is no longer sufficient to pay for spending ... The magic number is the value of P at which this inequality no longer holds true - that is, that the economy runs a deficit ...
September 2008 In Sports - 23 September 2008 (Thursday)
... off by a six-run eighth inning in Game 2, reduces their magic number for the AL East title to 2 ... Atlanta Braves 3, Philadelphia Phillies 2 The Phillies' magic number for the NL East crown remains at 4 ... Diamondbacks 4 Los Angeles Dodgers 10, San Diego Padres 1 The Dodgers reduce their magic number in the NL West to 3 with the win and the D-Backs' loss ...

Famous quotes containing the words number and/or magic:

    I heartily wish you, in the plain home-spun style, a great number of happy new years, well employed in forming both your mind and your manners, to be useful and agreeable to yourself, your country, and your friends.
    Philip Dormer Stanhope, 4th Earl Chesterfield (1694–1773)

    We’re not blind and we’re not fools. We’re just plain, sensible people who refuse to be fooled by a lot of supernatural nonsense.... There’s no magic in dried lizards and dead chickens.
    —Eric Taylor. Robert Siodmak. Frank Stanley (Robert Paige)