Mads Johansen Lange

Mads Johansen Lange, nicknamed King of Bali, (September 18, 1807, Rudkøbing, Denmark – May 13, 1856, Kotta, Bali) was a Danish trader, peace maker on Bali, knight of the Order of the Netherlands Lion and recipient of the Danish gold medal of achievement. He was the son of Lorents Lange Pedersen and Mare Lange, a merchant and a merchant's daughter respectively.

Mads Lange travelled to the East Indies at an early age and settled on the island of Bali. Here he built a thriving commercial enterprise, exporting rice, spices and beef, and importing weapons and textiles. He maintained good relations with the local Rajas and mediated between them and the Dutch colonists with great success.

Mads Lange died 48 years old, possibly because of poisoning. His business had been in decline by then, and even the joint efforts of his brother and nephew could not change this. The remains of the business were sold to a Chinese merchant. He had three children with local Balinese women. His maternal grandson, Sultan Ibrahim by his daughter Cecilia, was the Sultan of Johor. Mads Lange is buried in Kotta.

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