Lulu (company)

Lulu (company)

Lulu (Lulu Enterprises, Inc. and Lulu Press, Inc. are collectively called "Lulu") is a company offering publishing, printing, and distribution services with headquarters in Raleigh, North Carolina. Since their founding in 2002, Lulu has published over 1.1 million titles by authors in over 200 countries and territories and adds 20,000 new titles to their catalogue a month. In addition to printing and publishing services it also offers online order fulfillment. The company's CEO is Red Hat co-founder Bob Young.

Authors who publish/print materials and similar works through Lulu retain the copyrights to such materials and similar works.

Optional services offered by the company include ISBN assignment, and distribution of books to retailers requesting specific titles (returns are not accepted, which limits distribution to physical bookstores). Electronic distribution is also available.

Lulu Enterprises was founded in early 2002. OpenMind Publishing, founded by Bradley Schultz and Paul Elliot, merged its publishing company and staff with Lulu in the latter part of 2002. OpenMind Publishing was a publisher of customized texts for college professors.

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