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Australian Nationality Law - Loss of Australian Citizenship - Loss of Australian Citizenship - Children
... Children did not lose Australian citizenship by virtue of their own actions, but could lose Australian citizenship if a parent lost Australian citizenship if the child did not have any ... Loss of Australian citizenship by the other parent did not affect the child's status from 22 November 1984 loss of Australian citizenship by either parent ... However a child would not lose Australian citizenship in this circumstance if one parent remained an Australian citizen (or was an Australian citizen at death) ...
Australian Nationality Law - History of Australian Citizenship
... The idea that there was such a thing as an Australian nationality as distinct from a British one was considered by the High Court of Australia in 1906 to be a "novel idea" to which ... the Court would rule that anyone who was not an Australian citizen, whether or not a subject of the Monarch of the United Kingdom ... At some point in the interim, the concept of Australian nationality came into existence ...

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