Long Non-coding RNA - Long NcRNA Functions

Long NcRNA Functions

Large scale sequencing of cDNA libraries and more recently transcriptomic sequencing by next generation sequencing indicate that long noncoding RNAs number in the order of tens of thousands in mammals. However, despite accumulating evidence suggesting that the majority of these are likely to be functional, only a relatively small proportion has been demonstrated to be biologically relevant. As of December 2012, ~127 LncRNAs have been functionally annotated in LncRNAdb (a database of literature described LncRNAs).

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Long Non-coding RNA - Long NcRNA Functions - Long NcRNAs in Epigenetic Regulation - Telomeric Non-coding RNAs
... Telomeres have been long considered transcriptionally inert DNA-protein complexes until it was recently shown that telomeric repeats may be transcribed as telomeric RNAs (TelRNAs) (Schoeftner 2008) or telomeric repeat-co ... These ncRNAs are heterogeneous in length, transcribed from several sub-telomeric loci and physically localise to telomeres ... studies suggest an involvement for telomeric ncRNAs in various aspects of telomere biology ...

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