Long Island Sound

Long Island Sound is an estuary of the Atlantic Ocean, located in the United States between Connecticut to the north and Long Island, New York to the south. The mouth of the Connecticut River at Old Saybrook, Connecticut, empties into the sound. On its western end the sound is bounded by the Bronx and Westchester County, New York, and connects to the East River. On its eastern end it opens to Block Island Sound.

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Town Of North Hempstead, New York - Communities in North Hempstead - Other Locations
... Great Neck—A peninsula into the Long Island Sound ... Hempstead Harbor—A bay of the Long Island Sound ... Little Neck Bay—A bay of the Long Island Sound Manhasset Bay—A bay of the Long Island Sound Manhasset Neck or Cow Neck—A peninsula into the Long Island Sound ...
List Of Mammals Of Connecticut - Species - Mammals in Long Island Sound
... For more information on mammals in Long Island sound, see Long Island Sound ... not uncommon around Hammonasset Beach State Park, around Sheffield Island and Smith's Reef in the Norwalk Islands, and they have been spotted off Stamford and ... Gray seal (Halichoerus grypus) — occasionally seen in Long Island Sound but usually lives farther north ...
... was first used in the American lexicon by the Long Island Soundkeeper Fund, Inc ... dedicated to the preservation and protection of Long Island Sound ... of Queens County and Kings County New York, as well as all of Long Island Sound and its rivers and the watershed in New York and Connecticut ...
Long Island Sound - Pollution - Dumping of Dredged Sediment
... harbor, river and waterway dredging has been dumped in four sites in the Sound, although in late 2007 two of them at the eastern end of the Sound were ... more environmentally friendly ways to dredge harbors in the Sound ... Dumping the sediment in the Sound is considerably less expensive than other options, according to Connecticut harbor officials and state and federal environmental officials ...
Long Island Sound Link - 1957 Plan
... In 1957, a plan for a bridge to Westchester County across Long Island Sound was first proposed by Charles H ... eastern Orient Point – Watch Hill Bridge were two proposed bridge routes off Long Island ... Sells, however, suggested that the bridges would not be constructed until Long Island's traffic and commuting began to increase ...

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