Logitech Media Server - Server Hardware and Plugins

Server Hardware and Plugins

The Logitech Media Server software is written in Perl, and will run on Linux, Microsoft Windows, Apple Macintosh, BSD platforms.

Logitech Media Server itself can run on a number of NAS devices, such as QNAP Turbo NAS, Synology Disk Station, NETGEAR ReadyNAS, Buffalo Linkstation, Linksys NSLU2, THECUS N5200 & N7700, Xtreamer eTRAYz and any device running FreeNAS software. Logitech Media Server also comes pre-installed on the VortexBox Linux distribution and VortexBox appliance. This generally results in lower energy consumption than running Logitech Media Server on a personal computer, whilst offering the same feature set (albeit with a slightly less responsive web interface under certain circumstances). Some NAS devices may require more effort than others to get Logitech Media Server running, though. Logitech only supports the Netgear ReadyNAS NAS devices.

More information on NAS-based Logitech solutions can be found in the Logitech Squeezebox forum for third-party hardware.

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Logitech Media Server - Server Hardware and Plugins - Plugins
... plug-ins and device drivers available for Logitech Media Server, which include features such as support for automation systems from AMX LLC and Crestron Electronics ... Plugins also provide access to additional services, such as the live radio and 'listen-again' features of BBC iPlayer in the UK ...

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