Locking may refer to:

  • Locking (dance), a style of funk dance invented in the early 1970s
  • Joint locking in martial arts.
  • Locking, Somerset, a village in the United Kingdom
  • Locking (computer science)

Other articles related to "locking":

Single-point Locking
... Single-point locking is a locking system in cabinet doors where locking takes places only at the point halfway up the edge of the door, where the latch engages with the door-jamb ... where it is contrasted with the much more secure three-point locking, which uses movable rods to secure the top and bottom of the door when the door is locked, and ... Typically, tiered lockers (that is, with two or more tiers) use single-point locking, unless they are ordered with three-point locking as an optional extra, whereas full-length (singl ...
Locking Pliers
... Locking pliers, Mole grips (Mole wrench) or Vise-Grips are pliers that can be locked into position, using an over-center action ... "Mole" and "Vise-Grip" are trade names of different brands of locking pliers ... Locking pliers are available in many different configurations, such as needle-nose locking pliers, locking wrenches, locking clamps and various shapes to fix metal parts for ...
Locking, Somerset - Church
... St Augustine's church in Locking was founded around AD 1230 by the monks of Woodspring Priory ...
Locking (dance)
... Locking (originally Campbellocking) is a style of funk dance, which is today also associated with hip hop ... The name is based on the concept of locking movements, which basically means freezing from a fast movement and "locking" in a certain position ... Locking is quite performance oriented, often interacting with the audience by smiling or giving them a high five, and some moves are quite comical in nature ...
Locking Up The Sun - Track Listing
... "Locking Up the Sun" (album version) (0357) "The Absolution" (Locking Up the Sun Remix) (0454) Bonus Locking Up the Sun music video ...