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Local Variable
... In computer science, a local variable is a variable that is given local scope ... Such a variable is accessible only from the function or block in which it is declared ... In programming languages with only two levels of visibility, local variables are contrasted with global variables ...
List Of M IRC Scripts - Language Features - Local Variables
... May contain up to 4,150 (950 prior to mIRC 6.32) bytes of data including the variable name (however due to line-length limitations in mIRC's scripting parser, a maximum of 4,146 bytes can be assigned ... %Variable) Created using the var command ... var is merely an internal alias for set -l but var poses the means to declare multiple local variables on a single line (e.g ...
TUTOR (programming Language) - Unique Features - Memory Management - Local Variables
... Local variables were added to TUTOR some time around 1980 ... Lesson authors wishing to use local variables were required to use the lvars command to declare the size of the buffer used for local variables, up to 128 words ... Having done so, a unit using local variables could begin as follows (from Page C2 of Summary of TUTOR Commands and System Variables, Avner, 1981) unit someu NAME1,NAME2 ...
Scope (computer Science) - Lexical Scoping and Dynamic Scoping
... As we have seen, the use of local variables — of variable names with limited scope, that only exist within a specific function — helps avoid the risk of a name collision between two ... In lexical scoping (or lexical scope also called static scoping or static scope), if a variable name's scope is a certain function, then its scope is the program text of the function definition within ... By contrast, in dynamic scoping (or dynamic scope), if a variable name's scope is a certain function, then its scope is the time-period during which the function is ...
AmigaDOS - Scripting - Local and Global Variables
... As any other DOS, Amiga deals with environment variables as used in batch programming ... There are both global and local variables, and they are referred to with a dollar sign in front of the variable name, for example $myvar ... Global variables are available system-wide local variables are only valid in the current shell ...

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