Local Minimum

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Guided Local Search - Overview - Searching Through An Augmented Cost Function
... cost function (defined below), to allow it to guide the Local Search algorithm out of the local minimum, through penalising features present in that local minimum ... The idea is to make the local minimum more costly than the surrounding search space, where these features are not present The parameter λ may be used ... for setting is simply to record the average change in objective function up until the first local minimum, and then set to this value divided by the number of ...
Phase Qubit - Quantized Energy Levels
... quantum energy levels become detectable in the local minima of the washboard potential ... the quantum transition energies obtained by solving the Schrödinger equation for the local minimum in the washboard potential ... Quantum mechanically, the potential minimum in the washboard potential can accommodate several quantized energy levels, with the lowest (ground to first excited state ...
Computational Chemistry - Methods
... Each isomer is a local minimum on the energy surface (called the potential energy surface) created from the total energy (i.e ... A local (energy) minimum is a stationary point where all such displacements lead to an increase in energy ... The local minimum that is lowest is called the global minimum and corresponds to the most stable isomer ...
Dichromatism - Physical Explanation
... potentially observable in any substance that has an absorption spectrum with one wide but shallow local minimum and one narrow but deep local minimum ... The apparent width of the deep minimum may also be limited by the end of the visible range of human eye in this case, the true full width may not necessarily be narrow ... that defined by the position of the wide-but-shallow minimum (in thin layers) to the hue of the deep-but-narrow minimum (in thick layers) ...

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    Barbara Ehrenreich (20th century)

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