List of Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Characters - Protagonists


Jaden Yuki / Judai Yuki (遊城十代, Yūki Jūdai?)
Voiced by: KENN, Mariko Nagahama (young) (Japanese), Matthew Charles (English)
Jaden Yuki is the main protagonist of the series. He is described as an energetic boy who comes to Duel Academy to learn to become the new King of Games. He enjoys seeking out new duel challenges and is known be quite lucky when it comes to his draws. He is capable of communicating with Duel Spirits, most often conversing with Winged Kuriboh, a card he received from Yugi Moto on the day of his entrance exam. He specialises in using Fusion Monsters, his main deck being the Elemental Heroes deck before later obtaining a set of Neo Spacian monsters and his key card, Elemental Hero Neos. Following the third season, in which he entered an alternate dimension and confronted the duel spirit, Yubel, he has gained the powers of both The Supreme King, an evil alter-ego he temporarily took on, and Yubel, giving him powerful insight.
Syrus Truesdale / Sho Marufuji (丸藤翔, Marufuji Shō?)
Voiced by: Masami Suzuki (Japanese), Wayne Grayson (English)
Syrus Truesdale is a timid young boy who enrolls into Duel Academy with Jaden, quickly taking a liking to him (calling him 'aniki' in the Japanese version.) He often doubts himself, living in the shadow of his older brother, Zane, but has shown himself to be a talented duelist, managing to rise in the ranks from Slifer Red to Obelisk Blue. He battles using a Vehicroid deck, which in season four becomes a Cyberoid deck that he creates by implementing Zane's Dark Cyber Dragon deck.
Chazz Princeton / Jun Manjome (万丈目準, Manjōme Jun?)
Voiced by: Taiki Matsuno (Japanese), Tony Salerno (1-89), Marc Thompson (90 onwards) (English)
Chazz Princeton is initially a selfish and arrogant duelist. Chazz is initially portrayed as an antagonist but eventually serves as one of Jaden Yuki's rivals throughout the series. However, it is revealed early in the first season of the series that his elitism stems from his older brothers who urge him to become a great duelist in order to have their family reign over the dueling world, as his brothers rule over the political and financial worlds. After becoming estranged with his brothers, Chazz decides to pursue a career in dueling without their help. It is revealed that Chazz has a soft side in the second season. When Alexis's brother arrives to take Alexis to make a band, they have a duel. During the duel, Chazz cheers on Alexis calling her "Lexi". He also has a awkward crush on Alexis.
He initially uses a power based deck, focusing on powerful monsters such as the Armor Dragons. Later on, he becomes able to see duel spirits and starts using the Ojama Trio, a trio of brothers with zero attack points but several uses.
His self-imposed nickname in the English version is "The Chazz" while his Japanese nickname is "Manjoume Thunder", which is spawned from the phrase "It's Manjoume-san!" ("Manjōme-san da!"?). In the manga, Chazz is a more serious character than his anime counterpart, and his main spirit card is Light and Darkness Dragon. Chazz's character design was overseen by Kenichi Hara. His usual outfit consists of a slightly tattered black jacket with gray trimmings and sharp edges flowing out the costume's lower back. He originally wore the standard Obelisk Blue uniform, but switched to the black outfit after the leaving the school temporarily midway through the first season. He also wore a white version of his standard black outfit during his time in the Society of Light. His black hair is sectioned in two layers, his black eyes positioned directly beneath the bangs of the layer closest to his face. He carries an Academy-issued Duel Disk on his left hand.
Alexis Rhodes / Asuka Tenjoin (天上院明日香, Tenjōin Asuka?)
Voiced by: Sanae Kobayashi (Japanese), Priscilla Everett (English)
Alexis Rhodes is an Obelisk Blue student at Duel Academy who quickly takes interest in Jaden's talent. She duels using a Cyber Girl deck. Jaden accepted a duel with another player, and whomever won was to be engaged to Alexis, Jaden won but in the end had no idea what fiancee meant so Alexis responded " It means friends. At least for now, big guy." She also knows that Chazz has a crush on her. It is hinted that she may also like him, though it was never confirmed.

In the timeline of the Yu-Gi-Oh! GX anime, Alexis, residing in the Obelisk Blue dormitory along with Zane Truesdale and initially Chazz Princeton, is one of the top students at Duel Academy. She does not follow the crowd nor does she regard herself as better than other people like some students in the dormitory, but has a stern pride as an Obelisk Blue duelist.

Alexis mourns for her long-lost older brother, Atticus Rhodes. With the help of Zane,the top duelist at Duel Academy, she constantly searches for clues surrounding his disappearance, until it is revealed that he joined the Shadow Riders, under the control of Nightshroud. Defeated by Jaden Yuki in a Shadow Duel and relieved of this persona, the incident leaves Atticus amnesic, prompting his sister to engage in a Duel with Titan to restore his memories.

Later in the series, Chazz comes out about his infatuation with Alexis after Jaden defeats the final Shadow Rider. Atticus helps Chazz with his crush and he steals all seven Spirit Keys needed to revive the Sacred Beasts in order to force Alexis to duel with him. Although Chazz plays suggestive cards such as Hidden Wish and Love Letter to show her how much he cares, Alexis wins in the end, stating that she cannot return his feelings, because she "loves dueling". Chazz's crush on Alexis continues throughout the series, although after having his free will sapped by Sartorius, his interests fade, until he is rescued by Jaden and returned to his former self.

At the start of the second year, Alexis moves into a spare room in the Slifer Red dormitory to escape Vellian Crowler, who was pestering her to begin a career with her brother as duelists that sings pop songs during duels.

Following Chazz's entrance into the Society of Light, Alexis duels with him to keep him from taking over Obelisk Blue completely. She fails, however, and meets the same fate as her fellow elites. Sartorius would subsequently strip Alexis of her mind completely, rendering her cold and heartless. Providing her with a new White Night deck, he orders her to retrieve the key to the mind control satellite of Misgarth, which his good personality entrusted to Jaden, but was freed from his influence upon being defeated.

During the third year, when the Academy had been transported to another dimension, she protects the school with other students from monsters while Jaden Yuki and Jesse Anderson go to the Gecko submarine to get medicine for Blair Flannigan. Later, she joins Jaden to search for Jesse in the second alternate universe, but she and several other of Jaden's friends are captured by Brron, the King of the alternate universe, and are all sacrificed and sent to the stars in an attempt to create the Super Polymerization Spell card, or so Jaden thinks, as they turn out to be alive, but trapped in another dimension.

During their graduation ceremony, Alexis and the others leave personal messages for Jaden in his bag, with Alexis's message asking Jaden if they can meet again somewhere.

Bastion Misawa / Daichi Misawa (三沢大地, Misawa Daichi?)
Voiced by: Yūki Masuda (Japanese), Eric Stuart (English)
Bastion Misawa is a duelist residing in Ra Yellow. He is regarded as a duel genius and uses numerous decks built to take on any strategy, hoping to create one that can beat Jaden in a duel. At the end of season three, he stays behind in an alternate dimension to help out its inhabitants.
Zane Truesdale / Ryo Marufuji (丸藤亮, Marufuji Ryō?)
Voiced by: Takeshi Maeda (Japanese), Scottie Ray (English)
Zane Truesdale is a strong duelist and Syrus' older brother. As a third year Obelisk Blue student at the start of the series, he was one of the most respected duelists in Duel Academy. However, when he loses in a duel against Aster Phoenix following his graduation, he starts participating in underground duels and takes on a more aggressive personality, earning him the name "Kaiser" in the Japanese version. However, all the underground duels, in which he battles using shock collars, causes his heart to become weak. He uses a Cyber Dragon deck which he later passes on to Syrus. In Season 2, he starts using a Cyber Dark Deck to fit his new aggressive nature.
Vellian Crowler, Ph.D. / Professor Cronos de Medici (クロノス・デ・メディチ, Kuronosu de Medichi?)
Voiced by: Hiroshi Shimizu (Japanese), Sean Schemmel (English)
Vellian Crowler is one of the teachers at Duel Academy, who hopes to get high up in the ranks of the school. Crowler was defeated by Jaden during the latter's entrance exam to attend into Duel Academy. This earned Jaden Crowler's ire, and Crowler became determined to either show up or expel Jaden, though all his attempts only humiliated him (and his pawns) while making Jaden look better and better. Crowler grows throughout the series to appreciate all his students and in turn be respected for his noble actions.
Crowler plays an Ancient Gear (Dark Medieval (暗黒の中世, Ankoku no Chyūsei?) in the Japanese version deck composed largely, as namesake implies, of Ancient Gear (Antique Gear (古代の機械 (アンティーク・ギア), Anteīku Gia?) in the Japanese version cards. The majority of his monsters have the ability to prevent an opponent from activating Spell and Trap Cards until the end of the Damage Step. Crowler often employs various methods to speed up the summoning of his signature card, Ancient Gear Golem, such as summoning (then subsequently sacrificing) the Trojan Horse card, whose special ability allows it to be counted as a double sacrifice whenever Crowler summons a high-level Earth-attribute monster. His strongest monster is the Ultimate Ancient Gear Golem which requires one Ancient Gear Golem and two other Ancient Gear monsters, when its destroyed you can special summon one Ancient Gear Golem from the graveyard.
Lyman Banner / Daitokuji-sensei (大徳寺先生?)
Voiced by: Kappei Yamaguchi (Japanese), Wayne Grayson (English)
Lyman Banner is one of Jaden's tutors in Duel Academy who, in the Japanese version, often speaks with a 'nyaa' at the end of his sentences. It is later revealed to be an alchemist who used a homunculus body to prolong his life while he joined the Shadow Riders in order to seek out the Philosopher's Stone. When he is defeated by Jaden, his body dissolves into dust, but his spirit remains with Jaden, offering him advice whenever possible.
Jesse Anderson / Johann Anderson (ヨハン・アンデルセン, Yohan Anderusen?)
Voiced by: Kanako Irie (Japanese), Christopher C. Adams (English)
Jesse Anderson is a loyal, thoughtful, and kind student from North Academy. He became one of Jaden's allies during the series. During season 3, he receive the Rainbow Dragon card and awaken its powers to take back the Academy and the rest of students back to their world, leaving him behind, where he is possessed by Yubel but rescued by Jaden. In season 4, Jesse helps Jaden defeat Trueman to save everyone and the world. It is shown that Jesse was at the graduation party at the end.

Aster Phoenix / Ed Phoenix (エド・フェニックス, Edo Fenikkusu?)
Voiced by: Akira Ishida, Asako Yoshida (young) (Japanese), Pete Zarustica (English)
Aster Phoenix is a talented duelist who enters Duel Academy during the second season. When he was young, his father was mysteriously killed and he was taken in by Sartorius, being used as a pawn in his plans. Similar to Jaden's Elemental Hero deck, Aster uses a Destiny Heroes deck, symbollising his desire for vengeance.
Tyranno Hassleberry / Kenzan Tyranno (ティラノ剣山, Tirano Kenzan?)
Voiced by: Hiroshi Shimozaki (Japanese), David Wills (English)
In the English version, Tyranno is voiced by David Wills, while Hiroshi Shimozaki takes the role in the Japanese version. In both versions, people tend to call him only by his last name.
Tyranno Hassleberry is a physically built duelist with a very muscular physique who draws his strength from a mysterious source, Tyranno is introduced during the second season as one of Jaden Yuki's new allies. Tyranno plays a Dinosaur deck, relying on summoning high-level monsters quickly, such as Black Tyranno and Ultimate Tyranno. Tyranno does so using a various assortment of cards, including New Ultra Evolution and Ultra Evolution. Several of his cards allow him to take advantage of his opponents placing their monsters in defense position, including Black Tyranno along with Dark Driceratops.
Atticus Rhodes / Fubuki Tenjoin (天上院吹雪, Tenjōin Fubuki?)
Voiced by: Koji Yusa (Japanese), Jason Anthony Griffith (English)
His given name means "blizzard" in Japanese, from which he derives his self-appointed title, "Blizzard Prince" in the original version of the series. His signature is written as "Fubuki 10 Join". Atticus Rhodes is the missing brother of Alexis. Atticus' disappearance is a driving force in his sister's determination during the first season of the series.
Axel Brodie / Austin O'Brien (オースチン・オブライエン, Ōsuchin Oburaien?)
Voiced by: Naru Kawamoto (Japanese), Marc Thompson (English)
Axel Brodie is initially Professor Viper's right-hand man introduced during the third season. Axel eventually joins Jaden as one of his allies. I
Jim "Crocodile" Cook (ジム・クロコダイル・クック, Jimu Kurokodairu Kukku?)
Voiced by: Naoya Iwahashi (Japanese), Tom Wayland in an Australian accent (English)
Jim is introduced in the third season. When he was younger he saved his crocodile named Shirley. Apparently his right eye was damaged in the process, and a medicine man gave him the eye of Oricalcum as a replacement. Jim keeps this eye bandaged up. This power allows him to see peoples' true nature. He uses his power to try to free Jaden from the Supreme King but fails and winds up getting sent to the stars and is later rescued. He duels using a fossil deck and his duel disk resembles a boomerang.
Adrian Gecko / Amon Garam (アモン・ガラム, Amon Garamu?)
Voiced by: Saichouya, Saori Terai (young) (Japanese), Darren Dunstan (English)
Adrian Gecko is a new student hailing from East Academy who enters Duel Academy in the third year. For most of his life he has always put the needs of others ahead of himself. He was adopted by the Gecko family and was supposed to be the future heir until his brother was born. Since then he has devoted his time to help him despite the less attention he's gotten and being looked down upon. Adrian gets sent to another dimension by Yubel and tries to become king. He first duels using a cloud type deck then obtains the full power of Exodia by sacrificing his childhood friend Echo and defeats Aster Phoenix in season 3: Into the Shadows. After losing to a duel by Jesse possessed by Yubel he gets sent to the stars and doesn't come back. Only after the duel when Echo disappears completely does he mourn her loss. He and Echo are the only ones that permanently died in the other dimension.
Chumley Huffington / Hayato Maeda (前田隼人, Maeda Hayato?)
Voiced by: Takehiro Hasu (Japanese), Ted Lewis (English)
Chumley Huffington is a Slifer Red duelist who had to repeat his freshman year due to failing his exam. Although he had mostly given up on anything, he soon becomes more confident after meeting Jaden. He later leaves Duel Academy in order to work at Industrial Illusions as a card designer.
Blair Flannigan / Rei Saotome (早乙女レイ, Saotome Rei?)
Voiced by: Eri Sendai (Japanese), Lisa Ortiz (English)
Blair Flannigan was initially a minor character appearing in a stand-alone episode during the first season, who wanted to enrol into Duel Academy despite being too young. She joins the central cast at the beginning of the third after proving her worth as a duelist. Blair in the first season had a crush on Zane, but later turns her affections over to Jaden. Blair uses a deck of girls to sway her opponent's male monsters in the first season and later uses a deck of "Egg" monsters that have monsters such as Mystic Egg and Mystic Dragon.

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