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Duel Monsters

Several Duel Monster spirits not directly linked to the main cast appear throughout the series.

  1. Alien of Light (光の宇宙人, Hikari no Uchiujin?) (voiced by Wayne Grayson / Takahiro Hirano): Alien of Light's Duel with Jaden, arranged by Neo-Spacian Aqua Dolphin, serves as a test of the boy's abilities to wield the powers of darkness. It plays a Different Dimension deck, primarily centered around Candelato, the Beast of Light. Although the card prevents its controller from drawing any additional cards during the Draw Phase, the Alien of Light takes advantage of its simple summoning conditions as a means of brute force.
  2. Dark Magician Girl (Blamagigirl (ブラマジガール, Buramajigāru?) in the original Japanese language version) (voiced by Bella Hudson / Yuki Nakao): A Duel Spirit towards whom Syrus Truesdale harbors feelings for, Dark Magician Girl surfaces during a school-wide festival to duel with Jaden. She plays Spellcaster deck, which centers around her own card (much like Yubel) and its related support.
  3. Dark World (暗黒界, Ankokukai?): A dictatorship of legendary monsters hailing from the world of the humans trapped in the third alternate dimension that Jaden and his companions visit. Its army is composed of numerous advisors and foot soldiers, and is headed by Dark World's king, Brron. None prevailed against Jaden.
  4. Freed (フリード, Furīdo?) (voiced by Yūji Kishi): The captain of the Steel Knight army which protects the humans trapped in the third alternate dimension that Jaden and his companions visit, including the daughter and son of one of his battalion, Lars. He leads the fight against the Dark World monsters, and sacrifices himself to give Jaden a fighting chance against its knight, Zure.
  5. Gravekeeper's Chief (墓守の長, Hakamori no Chō?) (voiced by Tom Souhrada / Bin Shimada): The leader of the Gravekeeper's who demands that all intruders seen as tomb robbers be buried alive. While searching for his friends in another world, Jaden meets a Gravekeeper's Assailant named Yasmin (Sara (サラ?) in the original Japanese language version) (voiced by Lisa Ortiz / Yūko Mizutani), who rescues him from harm, and Jaden develops a little crush on her, though he is ultimately captured and forced to duel the Chief in a Shadow Duel. He plays a Gravekeeper deck, which focuses on the wide range of abilities available with his "Gravekeeper's" cards, as well as preventing both players from activating cards that interact with the Graveyard.
  6. Supreme King advisors: consisting of Skilled White Magician, Skilled Dark Magician, Skull Knight, Chaos Sorcerer, and Guardian Baou, they serve as henchman to Jaden while under the guise of Supreme King. All but Baou are destroyed prior to Jaden's defeat, and Baou is dispatched by Jaden himself afterwards.
  7. Harpie's Brother (バードマン, Bādoman?, Birdman in the original Japanese language version) (voiced by Akio Suyama): A winged warrior who guards the power generator in the second alternate dimension that Jaden and his companions visit. He plays a Winged-Beast deck, which concentrates on the Direct Damage capabilities of Simorgh, Bird of Divinity and reflects his world's view that lower-level monsters are inferior to those of greater rank.
  8. Jinzo (Android -Psycho Shocker- (人造人間 サイコショッカー, Jinzo Ningen Saiko Shōkā?) in the original Japanese language version) (voiced by Sean Schemmel / Satoshi Tsuruoka): An evil Duel Spirit who seeks to become a real person, Jinzo takes the souls of those who summon him. This may be the case because Jinzo is a Dark-attribute monster. A group of three students including Torrey (Takadera (高寺?) in the original Japanese language version) unwittingly call him forth, but was defeated by Jaden in a Shadow Duel and forced to give up his ambition. He plays a Psycho deck, which includes spirit-related cards in addition to himself as a trump card.
  9. Kaibaman (Friend of Justice - Kaibaman (正義の味方 カイバーマン, Seigi no Mikata Kaibāman?) in the original Japanese language version) (voiced by Eric Stuart / Kenijirou Tsuda): A monster modeled after Seto Kaiba, Kaibaman duels and defeats Jaden after he and his friends happen upon the Duel Monsters world. He intended to quell Jaden's worries regarding Shadow Duels, and thus sarcastically threw around the possibility that he himself may have been initiating such a battle with Jaden. He plays Seto Kaiba's deck, complete with his three legendary Blue-Eyes White Dragon cards. The card that represents himself can be sacrificed to summon a Blue Eyes from his hand.
  10. Honest - An angel who belongs to Fujiwara Yusuke, before being put away in a box when Fujiwara goes to the darkness. At the beginning of Season 4, he disguises himself as Fujiwara and uses his powers to manipulate the memories of the others into thinking he's been there all along. However, Jaden's powers show his true form, and Honest later resides inside Jaden's body until he and Jesse face Fujiwara, in which Honest returns to Fujiwara's side following his defeat.

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