List of The Colbert Report Episodes (2008)

This list of episodes of The Colbert Report details information on all 2008 episodes of The Colbert Report, a popular Comedy Central show hosted by Stephen Colbert, and produced by Colbert, Jon Stewart, and Ben Karlin. Colbert plays the role of a populist blowhard journalist character, similar to his character on The Daily Show. In The Colbert Report, the former correspondent becomes the host of his own parody of media pundit programs, such as The O'Reilly Factor and Hannity and Colmes.

There are a number of noteworthy recurring elements in most episodes of The Colbert Report. Most episodes feature "The Wørd" of the day, which serves as a theme for a monologue early in the episode, each has a studio guest later in the episode, and each begins with a brief summary of what the episode will contain, followed by an introductory phrase and then by the theme music. This introductory phrase very often inserts the word truth into a common phrase, such as "Apply truth liberally to the inflamed area," and "this is The Colbert Report" follows, though there are exceptions.

Due to the writers strike, the show went on hiatus on November 5, 2007. The show returned on January 7, 2008, without writers. The writers started again on February 13, 2008. On May 6, 2008, The Colbert Report debuted in the United Kingdom on FX.

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List Of The Colbert Report Episodes (2008) - Season 4 (2008) - December
... Episode# "The Wørd" Guest Introductory phrase Original Airdate Production Code 484 "None" Khaled Hosseini, Roland Fryer "I'm back from Thanksgiving break ... This is The ColbertReport." December 4153 ... Stephen complains that the soundtrack to A ColbertChristmas is behind Kanye West's new album on the iTunes chart ... your home, might I suggest a grease fire? This is The ColbertReport." December 4154 ... Stephen briefly mentions the economic crisis and again talks about Kanye West beating ...

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