List of Sailor Moon Characters - Nonhumans - Guardian Cosmos

Guardian Cosmos (ガーディアン・コスモス, Gaadian Kosumosu?) only appears in the Stars manga, last act. She never appears in the anime version of Sailor Moon.

Guardian Cosmos is the guardian of the Cosmos Seed and of the Galaxy Cauldron which she also dwells in. She wears a bell-shaped dress and carries a staff. She appeared in front of Usagi Tsukino after the destruction of Chaos.

Guardian Cosmos allowed Sailor Moon and the other Sailor Senshi to leave the Cauldron as themselves upon the request of Sailor Moon to return to their normal lives. Guardian Cosmos had given them the option to remain within the Cauldron in their pure "star" forms, but in the end, Sailor Moon chose to stay with the life that she had created for herself and her friends.

She is sometimes incorrectly referred to as the Cauldron Guardian, the name Mixx/Chix Comix gave her in the English-language release of the Manga.

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