List of Races in Farscape - Luxans

The Luxans are a fierce warrior race, whose physical makeup is bent towards survival and victory in combat. Ka D'Argo is a Luxan.

Aside from being exceptionally strong and agile, Luxans possess two hearts, giving them enhanced constitutions. Luxans can survive in the vacuum of space for at least one-quarter arn (an arn is analogous to an hour) . Luxans have protruding brow ridges that extend around to the sides of the head, plate-covered noses, long chins that come to a point, and approximately eight tentacles (called "tenkas") that hang down from the back of the head. The tenkas have no muscular function but are sensitive to pleasure and pain. The scalps of males are bald but have beards that run from beside their noses to above the area where ears would be. Mustache-like portions of the beard hang down to the chest and are braided. The exposed skin of the chin and head is often tattooed. Chin tattoos may denote military rank. They have a long and prehensile tongue covered with a toxin that causes unconsciousness when it stings someone. With practice, Luxans can use their tongues to wrap around objects, and can support a fairly large amount of weight in this manner.

When Luxans are wounded, a quirk of their physiology requires that their blood, which flows black at first, must flow until it turns translucent. Otherwise the blood will become toxic, and they will die. To bring this about, the wounded area must be deliberately hit or squeezed to increase the bleeding until the blood runs clear.

Male Luxans may enter a state known as Luxan Hyper-Rage. These rages are marked by extreme violence, especially against other males, and subsequent memory loss. Luxans can learn to control hyper-rage, however, this a gradual process, taking many cycles-it might be compared to the amount of time a modern human spends acquiring an education. One could say that the primary sign of maturity among Luxans is when they learn to control hyper-rage. Due to the danger an immature Luxan in the midst of hyper-rage would pose to a spouse or child, they are forbidden to marry young.

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