List of Political and Geographic Subdivisions By Total Area From 500,000 To 1,000,000 Km²

List Of Political And Geographic Subdivisions By Total Area From 500,000 To 1,000,000 Km²

This is one of a series of comprehensive lists of continents, countries, and first level administrative country subdivisions such as states, provinces, and territories, as well as certain political and geographic features of substantial area. Some divisions are listed twice, with one listing including territory that is excluded in the other for various reasons, including territorial disputes. Names of currently existing countries are bolded, while names of geographic features are italicized. There is intentional overlap between the lists in order to maximize ease of use.

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Geographic entity Area (km2) Notes
Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth 990,000 Cosmopolitan Central European country with a complex political system being a combination of noble's democracy, elective monarchy and federation, under Sigismund III in 1619; 17th century superpower.
South Australia 983,482 State of Australia.
Egypt 980,869 Country in Africa; excluding the Hala'ib Triangle.
Sea of Japan 978,000 Body of water between the Korean Peninsula to the west, Russia to the north, and Japan to the east. Also known as the East Sea.
Northeast Greenland National Park 972,000 Largest administrative division of Greenland; largest National Park in the world.
Unorganized Borough, Alaska 970,500 Subdivision of Alaska; largest sub-state entity in the United States.
Argentine Antarctica 965,597 Argentine claim over Antarctica
Tanzania 945,087 Country in Africa. Includes the islands of Mafia, Pemba, and Zanzibar.
Argentine Sea 940,000 Body of water within the continental shelf off the Argentine mainland. It extends from Buenos Aires Province coast on the North to the Falkland Islands on the South.
British Columbia 925,186 Province of Canada. Land area only.
Nigeria 923,768 Country in Africa.
Merovengian Kingdom of Francia 918,881 The Frankish Kingdom after the conquest of Burgundy, lasting from 536-768.
Ontario 917,741 Province of Canada. Land area only. With water, it exceeds 1,000,000.
Venezuela 912,050 Country in South America; does not include claims on Guayana Esequiba. If included, the area would be 1,075,945 km2.
Mato Grosso 903,358 State of Brazil.
Pakistan (including disputed areas) 880,254 Country in Central Asia. Includes Pakistani-administered disputed territories (Azad Kashmir and Northern Areas).
Grand Duchy of Lithuania 876,600 A large medieval pagan empire in Europe lasting from 1253-1569 as an independent state, prior to its union with Poland. Measured at its greatest extent in the 15th century.
Namibia 824,292 Country in Africa.
Holy Roman Empire 814,415 Central European Confederacy from 962-1806. Measured at its largest extent under Ferdinand II, Holy Roman Emperor.
Mozambique 801,590 Country in Africa.
New South Wales 800,642 State of Australia.
Akkadian Empire 800,000 An ancient middle eastern empire centered on the Fertile Crescent, lasting from 2400-2200 BC.
Pakistan (non-disputed areas) 796,095 Country in Central Asia. Excludes all disputed territories.
Khabarovsk Krai 788,600 Federal subject of Russia.
New Guinea 786,000 Island divided between Indonesia and Papua New Guinea.
Turkey 783,562 Country partly in Europe and partly in Asia.
Union between Sweden and Norway (United Kingdom of Sweden and Norway) 774,184 A Kingdom in Scandinavia between 1814-1905.
Irkutsk Oblast 767,900 Federal subject of Russia.
Chile 756,096 Includes Easter Island (Isla de Pascua; Rapa Nui) and Isla Sala y Gómez, excludes claims on Antarctica (1,250,000 km2).
Zambia 752,618 Country in Africa.
Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug 750,300 Federal subject of Russia. Also included in Tyumen Oblast total.
Borneo 748,168 Island divided between Brunei, Indonesia and Malaysia.
Chukotka Autonomous Okrug 737,700 Federal subject of Russia.
Qinghai 721,200 Largest province of China.
Oregon Territory 720,011 Territory acquired from Britain by the US in 1848.
Eastern Province, Saudi Arabia (Ash Sharqiyah) 710,000 Largest province of Saudi Arabia.
Texas 696,200 State of the United States.
Visigothic Kingdom 684,738 A Germanic Kingdom on the Iberian peninsula, lasting from 474-723. Measured at its apex in 500.
Austria-Hungary 676,615 Central European empire from 1867 to 1918.
Myanmar 676,578 Country in Southeast Asia.
Qaasuitsup 660,000 Largest municipality of Greenland.
Central Federal District 652,800 Federal district of Russia, created May 2000.
Afghanistan 652,090 Country in Central Asia.
Alberta 642,317 Province of Canada.
Somalia 637,657 Country in Africa.
Sermersooq 635,600 Second largest municipality of Greenland.
Agadez Department 634,209 Largest department of Niger.
Nazi Germany 633,786 Nazi Germany encompasses present day Germany, and a few other territories.
Austrian Empire 625,418 A central European empire lasting from 1804-1867
Central African Republic 622,984 Country in Africa.
South Sudan 619,745 Country in Africa.
Merovengian Kingdom of Francia 611,759 The Frankish Kingdom at its founding under Clovis I in 481.
Ukraine 603,700 Second largest European country.
Borkou-Ennedi-Tibesti Region 600,350 Largest region of Chad.
Saskatchewan 591,670 Province of Canada.
Southern Federal District 589,200 Federal district of Russia, created May 2000.
Arkhangelsk Oblast 587,400 Federal subject of Russia. Includes Nenets Autonomous Okrug; without the autonomous okrug, 410,700 km2.
Madagascar 587,041 Island country in Africa. Second largest country composed of a single island (after Australia).
Minas Gerais 586,528 State of Brazil.
Ostrogothic Kingdom 586,046 A Germanic Kingdom in Italy and Illyria after the fall of the Western Roman Empire, lasting from 476-553. Measurement is approximate.
Botswana 581,730 Country in Africa.
Kenya 580,367 Country in Africa.
Caliphate of Córdoba 570,000 A Moorish Caliphate in Iberia after the local withdrawal of the Fatimid Caliphate, lasting from 756-1031.
Bahia 564,693 State of Brazil.
Tamanrasset Province 557,906 Largest province of Algeria.
Manitoba 553,556 Province of Canada.
France 551,500 Third largest European country (Metropolitan France only). The French Republic includes French overseas territories and covers 674,843 km2, excluding claims on Antarctica (432,000 km2). With its overseas territories France proceeds Ukraine as the second largest European country.
German Empire 540,000 The unified German state from 1871-1918.
Yemen 527,968 Country in Middle East. Includes Perim, Socotra, the former Yemen Arab Republic (YAR or North Yemen), and the former People's Democratic Republic of Yemen (PDRY or South Yemen).
Khanty–Mansi Autonomous Okrug 523,100 Federal subject of Russia. Also included in Tyumen Oblast total.
Central America 521,499 Region between North America and South America.
Thailand 513,115 Country in Southeast Asia.
Spain 505,992 Country in Europe. Includes mainland Spain, the Balearic Islands and Canary Islands, as well as the Spanish possessions (Plazas de Soberanía) off the coast of Morocco (Ceuta, Melilla, Islas Chafarinas, Peñón de Alhucemas, and Peñón de Vélez de la Gomera), and Isla de Alborán almost midway between Morocco and Spain, all the latter being claimed by Morocco.
Orientale 503,239 Largest province of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.
Middle Kingdom of Egypt 500,000 The second Egyptian dynastic empire lasting from 2080-1640 BC.
Neo-Babylonian Empire 500,000 An ancient Middle Eastern empire centered on the Fertile Crescent, lasting from 626 to 539 BC.
Aztec Empire 500,000 A Meso-American Empire in Mexico lasting from 1325-1521.

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