List of Percussion Instruments - Percussion Instruments

Percussion Instruments

Instrument name Common usage

Pitched /Unpitched /Both

Classification References and notes
Afoxé Unpitched
Agogô Unpitched Idiophone
Alfaia Unpitched
Angklung Pitched Idiophone
Anvil Unpitched
Apito Unpitched Aerophone Also known as samba whistle. Some apitos produce up to three different tones, but none of these is normally used as a pitched note.
Atabaque Unpitched
Bass drum Unpitched Membranophone
Batá drum Unpitched Membranophone
Bell Both Idiophone
Bodhrán Unpitched
Bongo drum Unpitched Membranophone
Cabasa Unpitched Idiophone
Castanets Unpitched Idiophone
Cajón Unpitched Cuban box drum
Caxixi Unpitched
Celesta Pitched Idiophone As a keyboard instrument, not part of the percussion section of the orchestra
Chácaras Unpitched
Chime bar Pitched Idiophone
Cimbalom Pitched
Claves Unpitched
Conga Unpitched Membranophone
Cowbell Both Idiophone Tuned cowbells are known as almglocken or alpine bells
Crotale Both Idiophone
Cuíca Unpitched
Cup chime Pitched Idiophone The only pitched cymbal, it is identical to a bell cymbal in all but usage
Cymbal Unpitched Idiophone
Daf Unpitched Membranophone Also known as Dafli, Dap, Def, Tef, Defi, Gaval, Duf, and larger ones defi or daire
Dayereh Unpitched Also known as doyra, dojra, dajre, doira, dajreja
Djembe Unpitched Membranophone
Dholak Both Membranophone Also known as dholki, similar to dohl
Dohl Both Membranophone The bass head is pitched, the treble often unpitched, see pitched percussion instruments easily mistaken for unpitched
Dohol Both Membranophone Persian dohl
Dunun Both Membranophone In ballet style playing, a repeating melody is played on three pitched drums
Flexatone Unpitched
Frame drum Unpitched Membranophone
Ganzá Unpitched
Glass harp Unpitched
Glockenspiel Pitched Idiophone
Goblet drum Unpitched Membranophone Generic type by construction, see also individual instrument names
Gong Unpitched Idiophone
Gonguê Unpitched
Güiro Unpitched Idiophone Also known as scraper
Hammered dulcimer Pitched Chordophone Listed as a stringed instrument in some classifications
Hand bell Both Idiophone
Hand-repique Unpitched Membranophone
Jam block Unpitched Idiophone
Janggu / Janggo / Changgo Pitched
Jawbone Unpitched Idiophone
Kalimba Pitched Idiophone African musical instrument, a type of plucked idiophone (lamellophone)
Keyboard glockenspiel Pitched Idiophone A keyboard instrument, not normally part of a percussion section
Lithophone Pitched Idiophone
Maraca Unpitched Idiophone
Marching machine Unpitched Idiophone
Marimba Pitched Idiophone
Metallophone Pitched Idiophone
Monkey stick Unpitched Idiophone Also known as mendoza or lagerphone
Octoban Both Membranophone
Pandeiro Unpitched
Piano Pitched Chordophone A keyboard instrument, not normally part of a percussion section but listed as percussion in some older classifications, and stringed in others
Quadrangularis Reversum Pitched Idiophone
Ratchet Unpitched Idiophone
Rattle Unpitched Idiophone
Repique Unpitched Membranophone
Ring-repique Unpitched Membranophone
Rototom Both Membranophone
Sand blocks Unpitched
Siren Unpitched Aerophone
Shekere Unpitched
Skrabalai Pitched
Sleigh bells Unpitched Idiophone Jingle bells
Slide whistle Both Aerophone
Snare drum Unpitched Membranophone
Steel pan Pitched Idiophone Also known as steel drum
Surdo Unpitched
Tabla Pitched Membranophone See pitched percussion instruments easily mistaken for unpitched
Tambora Unpitched Membranophone
Tamborim Unpitched
Tambourine Unpitched Membranophone But the headless tambourine is an idiophone
Tambour Unpitched
Tan-tan Unpitched
Taxi horn Unpitched
Temple block Both Idiophone
Timbal Unpitched
Timbales Unpitched Membranophone
Tonbak Unpitched Persian, also known as tombak, donbak and dombak, and as Tombakh Naar in Kashmir
Thunder machine Unpitched Idiophone
Thundersheet Unpitched Idiophone
Tom-tom drum Unpitched Membranophone
Triangle Both Idiophone
Tubular bells Pitched Idiophone
Timpani Pitched Membranophone
Vibraphone Pitched Idiophone
Vibraslap Unpitched
Whip Unpitched Idiophone Also known as slapstick
Whistle Unpitched Aerophone
Wind chime Unpitched Idiophone Borderline as pitched or unpitched, as a melody can sometimes be perceived
Wind machine Unpitched
Wood block Unpitched Idiophone
Xylophone Pitched Idiophone
Xylorimba Pitched
Zabumba Unpitched
Zill Unpitched Idiophone Also known as finger cymbal

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