List of Military Engagements of World War II - Operations - Raids


Small to medium-sized raiding operations were carried out by both Allied and Axis armies during World War II. The modus operandi used included guerrilla attacks by partisans in occupied territory and/or combined operations involving the landing and removal of specialised light infantry, such as commandos, by means of small boats.

  • Allied
    • Operation Colossus
      • 10 February 1941
      • Experimental raid by 38 British Commandos on a fresh water aqueduct near Calitri in southern Italy.
    • Operation Claymore
      • 4 March 1941
      • 1000 Men from the British Commandos and belonging to the Norwegian Independent Company 1 destroy fish oil factories on the remote islands off the coast of Norway.
    • Operation Archery
      • 27 December 1941
      • 570 men from the British Commandos and belonging to the Norwegian Independent Company 1 raid and attack German positions on Vågsøy Island in Norway.
    • Battle of Timor
      • 19 February 1942 – 10 February 1943
      • Continuous raids from Australian commandos against the occupying Japanese.
    • Operation Chariot
      • 28 March 1942
      • 196 Royal Navy and Army Commando units raid and destroy the heavily defended docks of St. Nazaire in occupied France.
    • Dieppe Raid
      • 19 August 1942
      • Over 6,000 infantrymen, mostly Canadian attempted to seize and hold the port of Dieppe.
    • Makin Island raid, 17–18 August 1942
    • Operation Jaywick, September 1943
    • Operation Jedburgh, 1944
    • Operation Roast, April 1945
  • Axis
    • Operation Greif, December 1944

Raiding units

  • Allied
    • Multinational
      • Chindits
      • Devil's Brigade
      • Z Special Unit
      • Popski's Private Army
      • Gideon Force
    • Australia
      • Australian Army Independent Companies
    • France
      • Far East French Expeditionary Forces
      • Intervention Light Corps
    • Greece
      • Sacred Band
    • United Kingdom
      • Long Range Desert Group
      • Special Air Service
      • Royal Marines
      • Special Operations Executive
      • British Army Commandos
        • Layforce
      • British Paratroopers
    • United States
      • Marine Raiders
      • US Army Rangers
      • Alamo Scouts
      • Merrill's Marauders
  • Axis
    • Nazi Germany
      • Brandenburger Regiment
      • Waffen-SS (commando force led by Otto Skorzeny).
    • Fascist Italy
      • Decima Flottiglia MAS
    • Empire of Japan
      • Special Naval Landing Forces

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