List of Major League Baseball Triples Records - 25 Triples in One Season - Evolution of The Single Season Record For Triples

Evolution of The Single Season Record For Triples

Triples Player Team Year Years Record Stood
14 Ross Barnes Chicago White Stockings 1876 6
14 Buttercup Dickerson Cincinnati Reds 1879 3
14 Harry Stovey Worcester Ruby Legs 1880 2
18 Roger Connor Troy Trojans 1882 2
20 Buck Ewing New York Giants 1884 3
20 Roger Connor New York Giants 1886 1
23 Sam Thompson Detroit Wolverines 1887 3
26 John Reilly Cincinnati Reds 1890 3
29 Perry Werden St. Louis Browns (NL) 1893 1
31 Heinie Reitz Baltimore Orioles (NL) 1894 18
21 Bill Keister Baltimore Orioles 1901 (1)7
21 Jimmy Williams Baltimore Orioles 1901 (1)
22 Sam Crawford Cincinnati Reds 1902 (1)
22 Tommy Leach Pittsburgh Pirates 1902 (1)
25 Sam Crawford Detroit Tigers 1903 (9)
36 Chief Wilson Pittsburgh Pirates 1912 current

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