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Kargoth, more commonly known as Saint Kargoth, is a death knight of great power. He is also known as "the Betrayer", and "King of the Death Knights." His symbol is a glowing green skull. Saint Kargoth is of massive size and build, standing seven feet tall. His skeletal features are a baleful, glowing green color thanks to the fiendish surgeries and grafts his patron Demogorgon has subjected him to. He rides a glowing green chariot drawn by six nightmares. Saint Kargoth possesses the Bilious Sphere, a corrupt parody of the Orb of Sol. Saint Kargoth is a powerful servant of Demogorgon steeped in the politics of the Abyss. He is the mortal foe of Saint Benedor of the Ashen Hand, who was chosen over Kargoth to lead the Knight Protectors of the Great Kingdom. Kargoth is worshipped (along with the other original death knights) by the Sunsebb Sodality and regarded as a saint by renegade elements in the church of Hextor. Saint Kargoth is currently contending with Murlynd over an artifact known as the Quannon. Saint Kargoth dwells in Kolurenth, a stone fortress atop a rocky pinnacle protruding from the sea in the Demogorgon's realm of Gaping Maw. While the death knight is often away on business involving the Prime Material Plane, his fortress always hosts important human visitors. A sickly brown pool in Kargoth's private quarters is a two-way portal to Demogorgon's palace of Abysm.

Formerly a 2nd to 3rd-century CY Torquann nobleman and paladin of Heironeous known as Lord Kargoth of Mansbridge, Kargoth was born 141 CY in the Great Kingdom of Aerdy. After Benedor was chosen over Kargoth to lead the Knight Protectors, Kargoth's jealousy and bitterness allowed him to be seduced by the demon prince Demogorgon, who granted him the power he craved by transforming him into the first death knight in 203 CY. Kargoth, in turn, gathered thirteen fellow Knight Protectors to his cause, who were also transformed into death knights by Demogorgon.

Kargoth formerly lived at Castle Fharlanst, located on the Aerdi coast between Winetha and Roland, until it was destroyed by the Knight Protectors of the Great Kingdom in 247 CY. Kargoth's betrayal is regarded by many as the beginning of the end of the Knight Protectors. Kargoth's famous sword, Gorgorin the Shatterer, was lost when he battled the legendary Hainard of the Whiteguard.

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