List of Feminist Rhetoricians - Diotima


Socrates references Diotima in Plato's Symposium, as a seer or priestess who taught him "the philosophy of eros" when he was young. It is not known whether she was a real person, or a character he developed.

  • Plato's Symposium (c. 360 BCE)

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... in Plato's Symposium via the character of the priestess Diotima as the "in-between" or "middle ground" ... Diotima, tutoring Socrates, uses the term to show how oral tradition can be perceived by different people in different ways ... Diotima thus exposes the flaws of oral tradition it uses strong contrasts to express truth, thus revealing vulnerability to sophistry ...
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... Socrates says that in his youth he was taught "the philosophy of love" by Diotima, who was a seer or priestess ... Socrates also claims that Diotima successfully postponed the plague of Athens ... that Socrates recounts at the symposium, Diotima gives Socrates a genealogy of Love (Eros), stating that he is the son of "resource and need." In her view, love is a means of ascent to contemplation of ...