List of East Enders Characters (2001) - Others


Character Date(s) Actor Circumstances
Diane Irving 9 January, 14 April Sheila Whitfield A social worker who takes over from Ameena Badawi on the case of Chloe Jackson, when Ameena is promoted. She eventually finds Chloe a home with Neil and Sue Miller, who rename her Rebecca.
George Hawkins 23–24 April Gary Lucas A salesman who tries to sell his wares to Ian Beale at his fish and chip shop. He is nicknamed "Cuban Man" by Beppe di Marco, a minicab driver as he insists on smoking cigars in his taxi.
Norman Dunn 7 May Roland Oliver The father of Laura Beale who appears in Walford for Laura's wedding to Ian Beale in 2001, along with his wife Edwina. He is very conservative and disapproves of Laura and Ian's marriage, as Ian had been declared bankrupt just a few months earlier. He threatens to disinherit Laura and when she refuses to postpone the wedding, he refuses to attend. When Edwina returns to Walford in 2005 for Janine Evans's trial for Laura's murder, she speaks to Pat Evans and says that Norman is very upset about his daughter's death.
Edwina Dunn 7 May 2001
9 December 2005
Patricia Maynard
Gay Hamilton
The mother of Laura Beale who appears for Laura's wedding to Ian Beale in 2001, along with her husband, Norman, but does not attend the ceremony as Norman disapproves of Ian being declared bankrupt in the past. She reappears in December 2005 to attend Janine Butcher's trial for the murder of Laura, and unknowingly persuades Pat Evans to change her testimony, allowing the innocent Janine to walk free.
Kevin Bolton 17 May Rupert Hill The son of Gary Bolton, and half brother of Robbie Jackson. He appears when Robbie and his half sister Sonia track Gary down to Portsmouth. He is jealous of Robbie's presence in his father's life.
Kay Bradshaw 14–19 June Vanessa Earl A woman who Beppe di Marco has a one-night-stand with. It is later revealed that she is Beppe's son Joe's teacher, when Joe walks in on Beppe and Kay lying together on the sofa, and refuses to go to school the next day.
Sidney Gibbs 2–3 July James Marcus the owner of a cleaning firm, Sid's Scrubbers, who are hired by Sharon Watts in order to get Billy Mitchell to lower the prices of his cleaning firm.
Jan Sherwood 17–21 September Cherie Lunghi A woman who Steve Owen meets when he and his gang attempt a robbery targeting Jan's lover and wealthy businessman Alan Mills. When Steve seduces her, she tricks him and takes off with all the money, leaving him and his gang with nothing. It is however revealed that she and Steve are still working together: Steve fools his gang into thinking Jan had gone with all the money, and then meets up secretly with her and takes half of the money and never sees her again.
John Davies 11 October – 2 December Huw Higginson The landlord of 15a Turpin Road. He doubles the rent on the flat, then offers to help Laura Beale with the money, but only if she will have sex with him.
Chris Wallace 16–19 October Georgia Reece An interior designer who redesigns e20 after a fire there, and has an affair with the manager Beppe di Marco, and contracts a sexually transmitted infection from him, leading to her husband Tony discovering the affair and attacking Beppe.
Tony Wallace 1 November Andy Capie The husband of Chris Wallace, who attacks Beppe di Marco at the e20 Hallowe'en party after Beppe and Chris had an affair and Beppe had given Chris a sexually transmitted infection.

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