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Japanese Voice Actor: Kousuke Toriumi
U.S. Voice Actor: Game: Jamieson Price, Anime: David Lodge

Is another human from Earth who works under General Carter and the Earth Defense Force like Gordon. However, he views himself as more worthy of the title of Defender of Earth than Gordon. Although it may be coincidence, he has facial features (most notably his pointed nose based on the Cyborg 002 Design) in common with Don Joaquin, the original defender of earth, suggesting a sort of ancestral pride that may fuel his desire to be the defender.

Kurtis suffered a traumatic experience, in which a group of terrorists destroyed the building where he and his family were in. The incident cost him over 70% of his body in addition to his wife and daughter. Because of this, Kurtis became a cyborg and began to resent Gordon, taking several of his missions. Kurtis is also a brilliant scientist, whose intelligence and technical knowledge rival Jennifer's. However, Kurtis conducts much more fearful research in comparison to hers. He also tends to be rather sarcastic, especially to Gordon.

Kurtis becomes a prinny after sacrificing himself (despite Laharl making a very open, vocal order directed at Death to let him go on to his family instead). As a prinny, he becomes green to match his previous hair color, and stores some of his old cyber parts in his pouch, allowing him to use most of his abilities. His face shows more emotion than a regular prinny. His eyes are given an angry expression while his beak is slightly longer, possibly a reference to his point nose in his human form. At the end of Disgaea, he was shown to pass on at the Red Moon, but in Disgaea 2, he was shown to still be acting out his duties as a defender of Earth in his prinny form. Prinny Kurtis is also seen in a poster at the end of the Disgaea anime, but his color is the same as normal Prinny. Instead, he retains the spiky hair he had as a human.

Kurtis makes a reappearance in Disgaea 2, this time in his Prinny incarnation as the 38th Defender of Earth. He will come to the aid of those who call him on his Cell Phone, although he will make a remark about relying on one's self instead of him. Repeatedly calling him opens up two optional stages. He also becomes a playable character in the Land of Carnage after you get all 16 Pirate Maps in Item World.

When the Earth Defense Force Base was destroyed and the real Kurtis died, the last computer obtained some DNA that belonged to Kurtis that was then used to create three clones of himself, though with different hair color. The hair colors that the Clones of Kurtis have are Blue, Brown and Light green. Each clone had an evil, crimson left eye. All the clones also talk in a fashion similar to William Shatner, though this is present only in the English audio; The Japanese audio, and original Japanese version, lacked audio for the scenes involving the Kurtis clones.

In Disgaea 4, Prinny Kurtis appears during the post-story. He appears to be very popular with the other Prinnies, who call him a hero. He noticeably also lacks the word "dood" in his dialogue just like Big Sis Prinny and Prinny Laharl, but Valvatorez attempts to fix this. He agrees to Valvatorez's terms if they can defeat him. After Valvatorez wins, he forces Prinny Kurtis to say "dood" at the end of every line, which Fuka seems to find cute.

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... Kurtis John-Scott Lindsay is the winner of the Inaugural Defence Indigenous Science Scholarship which was presented to him by the Hon ... Kurtis is of Wiradjuri ancestry his people come from the Dubbo area of Central West NSW, Australia ... Kurtis is studying a degree in Science in Biodiversity Conservation at Macquarie University ...
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... Kurtis and his longtime partner, Donna La Pietra, are very active on the Chicago social circuit, supporting numerous non-profit organizations ... Kurtis's wife, Helen (who was his high school sweetheart and whom he married in 1963), died of cancer in June 1977 ... Scott Kurtis, 38, who suffered from paranoid schizophrenia since he was in his mid-teens, was found dead July 20, 2009, on his father's Kansas cattle ranch, where he had lived ...
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