List of Characters From The Sopranos – Friends and Family

List Of Characters From The Sopranos – Friends And Family

Tony Soprano's cousin, who was imprisoned and soon thereafter became embroiled in a life of crime. Tony B. gets his massage license and tries to set up a massage business. He sabotages the business before it gets off the ground, and goes back to crime. Tony S. sets him up in the airbag scam, but it is not enough money for Tony B. To earn extra money, he performs a contract hit for Rusty and Angelo. After Angelo is killed, Tony B. kills Billy Leotardo in retaliation, igniting dangerous tensions with the New York crew. To bring peace with Johnny Sack (and to avoid Tony B.'s being tortured to death by Phil Leotardo), Tony S. kills Tony B. by shooting him in the face with a shotgun.

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