List of British Weapon L Numbers - Firearms


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  • L1
    • L1A1 7.62mm SLR (Self Loading Rifle)
    • L1 120mm rifled gun - used on Conqueror tank
    • L1A1 Rocket 66mm HEAT
  • L2A2 HE Fragmentation Grenade
  • L2A1 ILAW
  • L2A1 to A3 Sterling sub machine gun
  • L3A1 to A4 0.30 inch cal M1919A4
  • L4A1 to A9 7.62mm Bren Light machine gun conversions
  • L6A1 12.7mm Ranging machine gun for 105mm tank gun on Centurion tank
  • L7
    • L7A1/A2 7.62mm Machine Gun, GPMG (FN MAG)
    • L7A1 105mm main gun as used on Centurion tank
  • L8A1/A2 7.62mm Machine Gun, L7 for AFV use
  • L9
    • L9A1 9mm Pistol (Browning Hi-power)
    • L9A1 51mm Light Mortar
    • L9 165mm Demolition gun
  • L11
    • L11A1 9mm Automatic Pistol Kit (L9A1 with accessories)
    • L11A1 12.7mm Machine Gun (0.50 inch M2 Browning machine gun for use as ranging gun)
    • L11A5 120mm rifled gun as used on Chieftain tank
  • L12A1 L1A1 rifle conversion kits
  • L13
    • L13A1 5.56mm SA80-series blank fire attachment
    • L13A1 105mm gun used on FV433 Abbot SPG
  • L14A1 84mm "Carl Gustav" recoilless rifle
  • L16 81mm Mortar
  • L19A1 7.62mm L7 series modifications
  • L20A1/A2 7.62mm L7 series modifications
  • L21A1 Rarden 30mm cannon for AFV
  • L22A1 5.56mm Carbine
  • L23A1 76mm gun, as used on Scorpion light tank
  • L24A1 12.7mm machine gun Ranging drill version.
  • L25A1 training (inactive) version of L1A1.
  • L26
    • L26A1 "Rifle Instructional", variant of L25A1.
    • L26A1 Rarden 30mm cannon
  • L30A1 120mm rifled gun on Challenger 2 tank
  • L34A1 9mm Submachine Gun. Silenced version of L2A3 Sterling submachine gun.
  • L37A1/A2 7.62mm L7 Machine Gun for AFVs, (e.g. Challenger tank).
  • L39A1 7.62mm NATO conversion of Rifle No. 4, Marks 1/2 and 2. Used for target rifle competition.
  • L42A1 7.62mm NATO conversion of Rifle No. 4, Marks I (T) and I* (T). Standard sniping rifle 'til adoption of L96.
  • L43-L46 7.62mm Machine Gun, variants of L7
  • L47A1 Pistol, 7.65mm, Walther
  • L50-L52 9mm DP Sten Machine Carbines
  • L59A1 Drill Rifle
  • L67A1 37mm Riot Gun
  • L68A1 Grenade Hand Signal Smoke Green
  • L71A1 Grenade Hand Signal Smoke Blue
  • L81A1/A2 7.62mm Cadet Target Rifle
  • L83A1 Grenade Hand Smoke Screening Training
  • L85A1/A2 5.56mm Rifle
  • L86A1/A2 5.56mm Light Support Weapon
  • L94A1 7.62mm Machine Gun. Hughes EX34 chain gun
  • L95 another variant of the Chain gun
  • L96A1 7.62mm Accuracy International Sniper Rifle
  • L98
    • L98A1 5.56mm Cadet General Purpose Rifle (Single shot, no longer in use)
    • L98A2 5.56mm Cadet General Purpose Rifle (Semi automatic, replaced A1 in 2009)
  • L102A1 Pistol, Automatic (Walther P5 Compact)
  • L104A1 37mm Riot Gun (Heckler & Koch HK69A1)
  • L105A1 Pistol 9mm (SIG Sauer P226)
  • L107A1 Pistol 9mm (SIG Sauer P228)
  • L108A1 5.56mm Light machine gun (FN FN MINIMI)
  • L109A1 HE Fragmentation Grenade
  • L110
    • L110A1 5.56mm Light Machine Gun (FN FN MINIMI Para)
    • L110A2 5.56mm Light Machine Gun with rail for SUSAT
  • L111A1 12.7mm Heavy Machine Gun (Quick Change Barrel)
  • L112A1 ARD 7.62mm GPMG Air Role Derivative. Helicopter dedicated GPMG
  • L115A1 to A3 .338 (8.6mm) Accuracy International AWM long range sniper rifle
  • L117A1 Sig P229 Pistol
  • L118 Light Gun 105mm field gun
  • L119
    • L119A1 5.56mm (Diemaco SFW)
    • L119A1 105mm field gun with percussion firing mechanism
  • L121A1 .50 (12.7mm) anti-material rifle, Accuracy International AW50F
  • L123A1/A2/A3 40mm Under-slung Grenade Launcher (UGL)
  • L127A1 37mm less-lethal launcher (based on AG36)
  • L128A1 Shotgun Combat 12 Bore
  • L129A1 7.62mm "Sharpshooter" Rifle LMT mfg USA
  • L134A1 40mm Grenade Machine Gun (Heckler & Koch GMG)

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