List of Brazilian Football Derbies - Ceará


  • Fortaleza (Fortaleza) vs. Ceará (Fortaleza) The King Derby (Clássico-Rei)
  • Fortaleza (Fortaleza) vs. Ferroviário (Fortaleza) The Colors Derby
  • Ceará (Fortaleza) vs. Ferroviário (Fortaleza) The Peace Derby

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... Tasso inaugurates Iguatemi Fortaleza was the first major shopping Ceará ... Fix the finances, restored the credit of the state, self-esteem of Ceará and inaugurated the administrative modernization ...
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... The flag of Ceará is nearly identical to that of the federal Brazilian flag, the sole difference being the blue hemisphere in the Brazilian flag replaced by the Ceará state coat of arms ...
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