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There were several other tropical cyclones that formed in one basin, dissipated, and re-developed. In addition, there were tropical cyclones that developed and entered another basin briefly or at a weak intensity, however, they were not recognized as an Atlantic-Pacific crossover hurricane. In chronological order from most recent to earliest, they are:

  • Tropical Storm Hermine of 2010 developed from the remnants of Tropical Depression Eleven-E, which dissipated over Mexico.
  • Tropical Storm Alma of 2008 formed off of the West Coast of Costa Rica, made landfall in Nicaragua with speeds up to 100 kilometres per hour (62 mph). The storm soon dissipated. A day later the storm's remnants after encountering a pair of two tropical waves regenerated on Nicaragua's east coast into Tropical Storm Arthur with sustained winds of 75 km/h (47 mph) and again made landfall in Nicaragua. It is not considered as crossover over as the initial storm had dissipated.
  • Tropical Storm Earl in 2004 dissipated in the southeast Caribbean Sea, but regenerated into Hurricane Frank in the East Pacific.
  • Tropical Depression Nine in 2001 made landfall in Nicaragua and degenerated into a tropical wave. The wave later regenerated into a tropical depression that became Hurricane Juliette.
  • Hurricane Gert in 1993 crossed over Mexico and became Tropical Depression Fourteen-E in the East Pacific, but ended up dissipating before becoming a storm.
  • Tropical Storm Bret from 1993 retained its circulation and was designated Tropical Depression Eight-E upon reaching the Pacific. The depression dissipated, reorganized, and became Hurricane Greg.
  • Hurricane Diana in 1990 entered the East Pacific as a tropical depression, but dissipated less than six hours later. Diana was not re-classified during its brief existence in the East Pacific.
  • Hurricane Cosme in 1989 crossed from the Pacific and dissipated over northern Mexico. Its remnants contributed to the development of Tropical Storm Allison.
  • Hurricane Debby in 1988 crossed over Mexico and became Tropical Depression Seventeen-E in the East Pacific, but ended up dissipating before becoming a storm.
  • Hurricane Anita in 1977 crossed over central Mexico and entered the Pacific as a tropical depression and was renamed Tropical Depression 11.
  • An unnamed system in 1965 entered the Atlantic from the Pacific, but the tropical cyclone was operationally unnoticed.
  • Hurricane Hattie in 1961 developed in the Atlantic, and crossed into the Pacific, eventually re-developing into Tropical Storm Simone in the Pacific. It also appeared that remnants of Simone re-emerged into the Atlantic basin to develop into Tropical Storm Inga. However, the viewpoint of U.S. Weather Bureau Office was that "the remnants of Hattie developed into neither Simone nor Inga.
  • Hurricane Six of 1923 formed as a tropical storm in the East Pacific. It crossed over central Mexico and emerged into the Gulf of Mexico on October 15.
  • Hurricane Four in 1911 crossed Central America and entered the East Pacific basin.
  • One existed before 1856 and made it to the Gulf of Mexico.

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