Limbic System

The limbic system (or Paleomammalian brain) is a set of brain structures, including the hippocampus, amygdalae, anterior thalamic nuclei, septum, limbic cortex and fornix, which seemingly support a variety of functions including emotion, behavior, motivation, long-term memory, and olfaction.

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BELBIC - A Computational Model of Emotional Conditioning
... model is one which can be mathematically analyzed, tested and simulated using computer systems ... In mammals, emotional responses are processed in a part of the brain called the limbic system which lies in the cerebral cortex ... The main components of the limbic system are the amygdala, orbitofrontal cortex, thalamus and the sensory cortex ...
Limbic System - History - Academic Dispute
... almost immediately ran into trouble when damage to the hippocampus, a primary limbic structure, was shown to result in severe cognitive (memory) deficits ... And since its inception, the delineating boundaries of the limbic system have been changed again and again by the neuroscience community ... the concept of a functionally unified limbic system should be abandoned as obsolete because it is grounded mainly in historical concepts of brain anatomy that are no longer accepted as accurate ...
Laughter In Literature - Laughter and The Brain
... Scientists have shown that parts of the limbic system are involved in laughter ... This system is involved in emotions and helps us with functions necessary for humans' survival ... The structures in the limbic system that are involved in laughter the hippocampus and the amygdala ...
Arousal and Personality - The Four Personality Types
... come from individuals variations in a person's brain stem, limbic system, and thalamocortical arousal system ... Limbic system activation is typically linked to neuroticism, which high activation showing high neuroticism, which is known to impair learning ... Both the limbic system and the thalamocortical arousal system are influenced by the brain stem activation ...
Phonological Development - Biological Foundations of Infants’ Speech Development - The Nervous System
... example, the onset of cooing at 6 to 8 weeks happens as some areas of the limbic system begin to function ... The limbic system is known to be involved in the expression of emotion, and cooing in infants is associated with a feeling of contentedness ... Further development of the limbic system might be responsible for the onset of laughter around 16 weeks of age ...

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