Light Chains

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... Chr 14 104.03 – 104.15 Mb Chr 12 111.76 – 111.81 Mb PubMed search Kinesin light chain 1 is a protein that in humans is encoded by the KLC1 gene ... kinesin is a tetrameric molecule composed of two heavy chains and two light chains, and transports various cargos along microtubules toward their plus ends ... The heavy chains provide the motor activity, while the light chains bind to various cargos ...
Heavy Chain
... A heavy chain is the large polypeptide subunit of a protein complex, such as a motor protein (e.g ... It commonly refers to the immunoglobulin heavy chain ... The heavy (H) chain is the larger of the two types of chains that comprise a normal immunoglobulin or antibody molecule ...
Bence Jones Protein
... protein is a monoclonal globulin protein or immunoglobulin light chain found in the urine, with a molecular weight of 22-24 kDa ... The proteins are immunoglobulin light chains (paraproteins) and are produced by neoplastic plasma cells ... The light chains can be immunoglobulin fragments or single homogeneous immunoglobulins ...

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