The initialism LFP may refer to the:

  • Least fixed point in mathematics.
  • Local field potential in neuroscience and biochemistry, a measurement of cortical activity.
  • Large format printer or Large format printing
  • Lithium iron phosphate, a type of battery chemistry named after the cathode material used, LiFePO4.
  • Lithium iron phosphate battery, LiFePO4 batteries
  • Lake Forest Park a city in Washington, United States
  • Little Five Points - district in Atlanta, Georgia
  • Liga de Fútbol Profesional, commonly known as La Liga, is a professional football league in Spain.
  • Ligue de Football Professionnel, is a professional football league in France.
  • London Free Press, a daily newspaper in London, Ontario
  • LFP, Inc. - Larry Flynt Publications
  • Looking For Party - in Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games (MMORPG)
  • Link Fault Path-through - a link-loss notification technique in optical devices
  • Lego Film Productions - A Lego filming company
  • Limited Field Pilot - A test phase during a product or software development cycle
  • Light-field pictures, photos taken by a light-field camera containing 4D light field information.
    • The file format used by Lytro light-field cameras.

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Lithium Iron Phosphate - Properties of LFP and Development of The Industry
... It is the stable and safe olivine structure of LFP material that makes LFP favorable in lithium batteries ... other cathode material like Li-Co of layered structures and Li-Mn of spinel structures, LFP of olivine structures has strong oxygen covalent bonds and does not explode upon the short-circuit of ... Although LFP has 25% less capacity than other lithium batteries due to its material structure, it has 70% more performance than nickel-hydrogen battery ...
Larry Flynt Publications - Other Magazines
... When the market for men's magazines softened in the late 1990s, LFP expanded into production of adult videos through its Hustler Video subsidiary, and moved further into ... It was the first non-pornographic publication produced by LFP, and was edited by Lonn Friend, who had previously edited Hustler and Chic ... Tips Tricks (now Tips Tricks Codebook) is a video game magazine published by LFP ...
Larry Flynt Publications - Hustler Video
... Hustler Video is a pornographic film studio owned by LFP ... which maintains a separate brand identity within the LFP conglomerate ... Klein, the President of LFP responded by saying the company would not back down from shooting raw sex videos ...
Lithium Iron Phosphate - Rapid Development of The LFP Industries
... At present, the root patents of the LFP compounds are held by three professional material companies Li1-xMFePO4 by A123, LiMPO4 by Phostech and LiFePO4 • zM by Aleees ... The key feature of Li1-xMFePO4 from A123 is the nano-LFP, which converts the originally less conductive LFP into commercial products by modification of its physical ... feature of LiFePO4 • zM from Aleees is the LFP with a high capacitance and low impedance obtained by the stable control of the ferrites and crystal growth ...