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Alternate Names

The dance is also referred to by many local names. In Macedonia: Pravoto and Ramnoto (both mean 'direct' or 'straight'), Za ramo ('by the shoulders', referring to the men's shoulder hold), or Tesko ('heavy', in the sense of slow and deliberate). Often it is called by the name of a popular tune it is danced to. In Bulgaria it is sometimes called simply Makedonsko horo ('the Macedonian dance').

The name lesnoto is of more recent origin. According to one source, the Yugoslav folk dance collectors Ljuba and Danica Janković first applied the term, meaning 'light' or 'easy', to the vast category of dances having the general pattern "3 steps right, one step left" in 1939. The term spread during the 1940s and 50s among choreographers and dance scholars, until today Lesnoto is a standard term for this dance family.

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