Legal Advisor (Office For The Administrative Review of The Detention of Enemy Combatants)

Legal Advisor (Office For The Administrative Review Of The Detention Of Enemy Combatants)

A Legal Advisor, and an Assistant Legal Advisor were part of the Office for the Administrative Review of Detained Enemy Combatants team tasked to conduct Combatant Status Review Tribunals of captives held in extrajudicial detention in the United States Guantanamo Bay detention camps, in Cuba.

The identity of the officers who served as the Tribunal Presidents, the Tribunal members, the Recorder or the Personal Representative were kept secret. 58 unclassified dossiers containing a review of the Tribunal's legal sufficiency were separately released under separate Freedom of Information Act requests in 2005. And additional 121 unclassified dossiers were released in September 2007.

Each Tribunal that convened had the Summary of Evidence memo that contained the allegations against the captive, the transcripts of both the unclassified and classified sessions of the Tribunals, and all the exhibits and other documents generated for that captives Tribunal reviewed by the Legal Advisor, who would then draft a memo where they stated the conclusions they drew during their "legal sufficiency review". The legal advisors included Commander James R. Crisfield, Commander Teresa A. McPalmer and Assistant Legal Advisor Navy Lieutanant Peter C. Bradford.

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