League of Professional System Administrators - History - 2004–2005: Transition Committee and Interim Board; Elections

2004–2005: Transition Committee and Interim Board; Elections

The transition committee incorporated _The_System_Administrators_Guild_, a New Jersey Non-Profit corporation in November 2004, and became the interim Board of Directors, or _NewSAGE_. Throughout the fall of 2004 and spring of 2005, the Interim Board worked on the building blocks of the new organization, and laying the groundwork for the transition from USENIX. The Interim Board recruited a Leadership Committee (Greg Rose, Esther Filderman, Adam Moskowitz, Mario Obejas) to recruit candidates and oversee the election of the first full Board of Directors. Jesse Trucks and Matt Okeson-Harlow of Cyberius' Network volunteered to write the election software and conduct the online election, which was held in June 2005. The "election results":http://governance.lopsa.org/index.php/2005_Election_Results were announced on June 28, 2005.

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