Late Night Poker Series 6 Results

Late Night Poker Series 6 Results

Below are the results of series 6 of the Late Night Poker television series.

Date Episode Winner Runner-Up Other Players
5-Oct-2002 Heat 1 Donnacha O'Dea Michel Leibgorin
  • Lise Vigezzi
  • Peter Evans
  • Mike Magee
  • Korosh Nejad
  • Alan Betson
12-Oct-2002 Heat 2 John Duthie Surinder Sunar
  • Viki Lincoln
  • Paul Zimbler
  • Julian Gardner
  • Marcel Lüske
  • Fari Bademansour
19-Oct-2002 Heat 3 Lucy Rokach Jac Arama
  • Dave Colclough
  • Joe Beevers
  • Mohammed Irfan
  • Paul Parker
  • Marty Wilson
26-Oct-2002 Heat 4 Jin Cai Lin Tony Hakki
  • Pascal Perrault
  • Teddy Tuil
  • Ali Sarkeshik
  • Debbie Berlin
  • Padraig Parkinson
3-Nov-2002 Heat 5 Ken Lennaárd Victoria Coren
  • Tony Bloom
  • Gary Jones
  • Dave Ulliott
  • Ross Boatman
  • John Shipley
10-Nov-2002 Heat 6 Charalambos Xanthos Osman Mustanoglu
  • Carlo Citrone
  • Lisa Hawkes
  • Simon Trumper
  • Shar Kuomi
  • Kirk Morrison
17-Nov-2002 Heat 7 Peter Costa Dave Welch
  • Colette Doherty
  • Fabrice Soulier
  • Ivo Donev
  • Ram Vaswani
  • Mario Fahimirad
24-Nov-2002 Semi-Final Tony Hakki Dave Welch
  • Osman Mustanoglu
  • Victoria Coren
  • Surinder Sunar
  • Jac Arama
  • Michel Leibgorin
31-Nov-2002 Grand Final Peter Costa Jin Cai Lin
  • Lucy Rokach
  • Donnacha O'Dea
  • John Duthie
  • Tony Hakki
  • Ken Lennaárd
  • Charalambos Xanthos

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Late Night Poker Series 6 Results - Prize Money
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