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Official Bilingualism

Main articles: Official bilingualism in Canada, and Official bilingualism in the public service of Canada

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Languages Of Canada - Official Bilingualism - Language Policies of Canada's Provinces and Territories - De Facto English Only, or Limited French-language Services: The Other Eight Provinces
... Most provinces have laws that make either English or both English and French the official language(s) of the legislature and the courts, but may also have separate ... For example, in Alberta, English and French are both official languages of debate in the Legislative Assembly, but laws are drafted solely in English and there is no legal requirement that they be ...
Bilingualism In Canada - Support and Opposition - Poll Data - A Lack of Consensus On Other Aspects of Official Bilingualism
... has, at times, broken down when other aspects of official bilingualism are examined ... shift in anglophone opinion has occurred since the mid-2000s, in favour of bilingualism ... and Andrew Parkin, “Francophones in Quebec are almost unanimous in their support of the official languages policy” but “there is a much wider variation in opinion among ...
Scott Reid (politician) - Author - Official Bilingualism
... Reid asserts in this work that Canada's system of official bilingualism has been an expensive failure, based on a utopian model developed by former Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau rather than on ... He also argues that the existing system of bilingualism costs the Canadian economy four billion dollars every year to sustain ... Under Reid's model of territorial bilingualism, official language services would be extended only to those "relatively limited areas" of the country where "French or English is the language of the local majority or a ...
Official Languages Act (Canada) - Reactions - Poll Data On Public Reactions
... Unfortunately, there is no direct polling on the popularity of the Official Languages Act itself, but poll data on related questions gives an indication of a significant shift in the attitudes of English ... or that because of the vastly higher rate of bilingualism among Francophones than Anglophones, the result had been a disproportionally higher representation of Francophones in the federal sector ... At any rate, the adoption of official bilingualism at the federal level did nothing to slow the rise of the separatist movement ...

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