Landing Gear - Track Listing

Track Listing

# Title Songwriters Performer (s) Length
1 "In My Draws" Copeland, Sponnich Devin the Dude 4:24
2 "I Can't Make It Home" Copeland, Hickox Devin the Dude 3:37
3 "Thinkin' Boutchu" Bacharach, Copeland, David, Poye Devin the Dude 3:33
4 "Let Me Know It's Real" Copeland Devin the Dude 4:20
5 "El Grande Nalgas" Copeland, Sullivan Devin the Dude 3:14
6 "Me, You" Copeland, Towns Devin the Dude 3:57
7 "Highway" Copeland Devin the Dude, Dee-Rail 3:16
8 "I Don't Chase 'Em" Bell, Broadus, Copeland, James Devin the Dude, Snoop Dogg 4:38
9 "Yo Mind" Copeland, Sutton, Tally Devin the Dude, G Monee, Young Malice 3:10
10 "Your Kinda Love" Copeland, Edwards, Henderson Devin the Dude 4:20
11 "I Need a Song" Copeland, Harris, White Devin the Dude, 14K 4:01
12 "Stray" Copeland, McQueen Devin the Dude 4:34

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