Kushan Monk

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Gandhara - Proselytism
... transmission of Buddhism Gandharan Buddhist missionaries were active, with other monks from Central Asia, from the 2nd century AD in Han-dynasty (202 BC ... Lokaksema, a Kushan and the first to translate Mahayana scriptures into Chinese (167–186) Zhi Yao (c. 185), a Kushan monk, second generation of translators after Lokaksema Zhi Qian (220–252), a Kushan monk whose grandfather had settled in China during 168–190 Zhi Yueh (c ...
Silk Road Transmission Of Buddhism - The Transmission of Buddhism - Central Asian Missionaries
... In the middle of the 2nd century, the Kushan empire under king Kaniṣka expanded into Central Asia and went as far as taking control of Kashgar, Khotan and Yarkand, in the Tarim Basin, modern Xinjiang ... the first known translations of Hīnayāna Buddhist texts into Chinese (148–170) Lokakṣema, a Kushan and the first to translate Mahāyāna scriptures into Chinese (167–186) An Hsuan, a Parthian merchant. 185), a Kushan monk in the second generation of translators after Lokakṣema ...

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    A monk ther was, a fair for the maistrie,
    An outridere, that lovede venerie,
    A manly man, to been an abbot able.
    Geoffrey Chaucer (1340?–1400)