• (adj): Conforming to dietary laws.
    Example: "Kosher meat"; "a kosher kitchen"
    Synonyms: cosher
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Some articles on kosher:

Mc Donald's Israel - History
... in Tel Aviv with blue and white signs with the Hebrew word "kosher" in order to avoid confusion over which branches were kosher ... Currently McDonald's has 160 restaurants in Israel, with 40 of them under Kosher supervision (on December 2011), meaning they are closed on Shabbat and Jewish holidays ... In Israel most branches are non-kosher since they serve cheeseburgers (which are non-kosher, i.e ...
Milk And Meat In Jewish Law - The Term "g'di"
... that the meaning of g'di is still narrow enough to exclude birds, all the undomesticated kosher animals (for example, chevrotains and antelope), and all of the non-ko ... had a similar analysis, but believed that since domesticated kosher animals (sheep, goats, and cattle) have similar meat to birds and to the non-domestic kosher land-animals, they should prohibit these ... The term non-kosher means something is not allowed as food—non-kosher animals (e.g ...
Steak De Venaison - Food - Kosher
... Venison can be kosher, as deer are ruminants and possess completely split hooves, two of the requirements for land animals, and indeed is available ... However, kosher venison is not available in the UK ... In the early 20th century, there would be a once-a-year supply of kosher venison in the UK, when a group of shochets would travel to the Rothschild family's estate and catch and slaughter some deer ...
Civil Laws Regarding Kashrut
... laws in many jurisdictions prohibit the use of the phrase kosher in a product's labelling, unless it can be shown that the product conforms to Jewish dietary laws however, the legal ... that a rabbi certify the kashrut nature, in others the rules of kosher are fully defined in law, and in others still it is sufficient that the manufacturer only believes that the ... cases, laws restricting the use of the term kosher have later been determined to be illegal religious interference ...
... Iowa, best known as a facility for the glatt kosher processing of cattle, as well as chicken, turkey, duck, and lamb ... Two-thirds of its output was non-kosher ... Its kosher products were marketed under various labels, including Aaron’s Best, Shor Habor, Supreme Kosher and Rubashkins ...

More definitions of "kosher":

  • (noun): Food that fulfills the requirements of Jewish dietary law.
  • (adj): Proper or legitimate.