Kings (card Game)

Kings (also known as Circle of Death, King's Cup, Donut, Oval of Fire or Ring of Fire) is a drinking game that uses playing cards. It is common among college students in Ireland, Portugal, Canada, Mexico, South Africa, Chile, New Zealand, Australia, the United States, the United Kingdom, Sweden, the Netherlands, Lebanon, Denmark, Italy, Belgium and Spain. Players must drink and dispense drinks based on cards drawn, and Kings can also be mixed with other drinking games. Each card has a rule that is predetermined before the game starts. Many houses have their own variation of rules.

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Kings (card Game) - Rules and Setup - Jack "Make A Rule" Suggestions
... No Negatives Every player needs to be positive in everything they say ... No sentence can contain words like No,not,can't,won't"etc ... If any player says the name of another person,the player must place their forehead on the table until someone else breaks the rule ...

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