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MIPS Architecture - CPU Family
... The R3000 succeeded the R2000 in 1988, adding 32 KB (soon increased to 64 KB) caches for instructions and data, along with cache coherency support for multiprocessor use ... order to achieve the clock speed the caches were reduced to 8 KB each and they took three cycles to access ... It had larger 16 KB primary caches, largely bug-free 64-bit operation, and support for a larger L2 cache ...
Boeing B-47 Stratojet - Variants
... was fitted in the right side of the nose for "boom"-style refueling from KB-50 and KC-97 aircraft ... The B-47B was also fitted with a pair of jettisonable external tanks, carried between the inboard and outboard engine assemblies ... These external drop tanks were very large, with a capacity of 1,780 gal (6,750 l) ...
Power Macintosh G3 - Hardware
... bus (up to 10 MB/s) along with the then-standard DB-25 external SCSI bus which had a top speed of 5 MB/s ... These machines had onboard and external SCSI (from the custom MESH IC), ADB, 10BASE-T Ethernet, two MiniDIN-8 serial ports, and onboard ATI graphics (originally IIc, later updated to Pro and then Rage Pro ... The G3 was the last desktop Macintosh to include built-in external serial ports ...

Famous quotes containing the word external:

    Language disguises the thought; so that from the external form of the clothes one cannot infer the form of the thought they clothe, because the external form of the clothes is constructed with quite another object than to let the form of the body be recognized.
    Ludwig Wittgenstein (1889–1951)