Kansas Territory

Kansas Territory

The Territory of Kansas was an organized incorporated territory of the United States that existed from May 30, 1854, until January 29, 1861, when the eastern portion of the territory was admitted to the Union as the State of Kansas.

The territory extended from the Missouri border west to the summit of the Rocky Mountains and from the 37th parallel north north to the 40th parallel north. Much of the eastern region of what is now the State of Colorado was part of Kansas Territory. The Territory of Colorado was created to govern this western region of the former Kansas Territory on February 28, 1861.

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Baseline Road (Colorado) - Origin of Name
... On May 30, 1854, the Kansas-Nebraska Act created the Kansas Territory and the Nebraska Territory, divided by the 40th parallel north ... of gold seekers into the goldfields of the northwestern Kansas Territory and the southwestern Nebraska Territory ... On February 28, 1861, the western portion of the Kansas Territory and the southwestern portion of the Nebraska Territory were incorporated into the new Colorado Territory ...
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... In July 1858, gold was discovered along the South Platte River in Arapahoe County of the Territory of Kansas (now in the State of Colorado) ... To provide local government for the gold mining region, the Kansas Territorial Legislature split Arapahoe County into six counties on 1859-02-07 a much smaller Arapahoe ... disconnected from the territorial government, and they formed their own Territory of Jefferson on 1859-10-24 ...
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... During 1857 this building was one of the busiest and most important in Kansas Territory ... The government was removing the Native Americans from Kansas to make their lands available to whites ... The purpose of the convention was to draft a constitution to gain statehood for Kansas ...
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... that included much of the proposed territory) was chosen and a constitutional convention was scheduled for June 6, 1859 ... determined to hold another convention on October 3, and drafted a provisional constitution for the Territory of Jefferson ... The proposed Territory of Jefferson included all of the present State of Colorado, but it was 70 percent more extensive ...
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... Lane became involved in the Free-State movement in Kansas in 1855 ... He was often called the leader of "Jayhawkers" movement in Kansas ... Citizens," "for the purpose of considering matters of general interest to the Territory." Whereas they stated, certain persons from the neighboring State of Missouri have, from time to time ...

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