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Pandyan - History - Pandya Revival and Zenith (13th and 14th Centuries AD)
... later Jatavarman Sundara Pandiyan appointed his brother to rule KOngu country, Chola nadu and Hoysala country ... power and status of the Telugu Cholas, the Renanti and the Irungola Cholas of the Telugu country for the last three-named had been very trusted allies of ... II himself had lost quite a bit of his territories between 1208–1212 to his local adversaries in Kannada country, like the Kalachuris, Seunas etc ...
Kulothunga Chola I - Extent of The Empire
1116 CE) in Kannada country from the times of and defeated the Chola Viceroy Adigaiman, the controller of Kongu and Kannada country there,but this proposition seems to stand on very ... As regards Gangavadi, Kannada records themselves speak of the Hoysalas under Vishnuvardhana suffering losses after his conquest of Gangavadi and Nolambavadi in ...
Chola Kingdom - History - Medieval Cholas
... the Pandyas of Madurai and occupied very large parts of the Kannada country and had marital ties with the Gangas, way back in 885 AD, his son Parantaka I, who conquered Sri Lanka known as ... addition to Lakshadweep, Maldives and vast areas of Chera country ... (territories of the Rashtrakutas, Chalukya country, Talakkad, Kolar (where the Kolaramma temple still has his portrait statue) in Kannada country ...

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