JX may mean:

  • Jx or jx, is a digraph in the Esperanto x-system orthography, representing the consonant sound, normally spelled as Ĵ or ĵ in the Esperanto alphabet
  • Roland JX-3P, a MIDI capable synthesizer keyboard which debuted in 1983
  • JX (artist), an early alias of DJ Jake Williams, who is more recently known as Rex the Dog
  • JX (operating system), a Java operating system
  • J. X. Williams, a pseudonym used by several different authors during the 1960s for many adult novels
  • IBM JX, a personal computer that based on IBM PCjr, released in Japan, in 1984
  • Informally for Jesus Christ

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Fujifilm Fine Pix J-series
... The first J-series model released was the 8.2-megapixel J10, which was released in early 2008 ... As of February 2009, there are eight different models in the J-series range, from the J10 up to and including the J150W ...
Hammarlund Super Pro - Specifications - SP-600
... SP-600-JX-17, 30 were for diversity reception use ... SP-600-JX-21A had 22 tubes and featured SSB reception ... SP-600-JX-28 was R-620 ...
Audi S6 - C4 (Typ 4A, 1994–1997) - C4 Brakes, Wheels and Tyres
... Standard wheels were 7½Jx16 "Avus" cast aluminium alloy wheels with 225/50 R16 tyres ... Later cars received 8Jx17 "Avus" wheels with 255/40 R17 tyres ...
Roland JX-10 - Memory
... The JX-10 has space for 64 patches in its internal memory, each of which can be composed with one (12-voice) or two tones (rendering the synth 6-voice polyphonic) ... The JX-10's memory can also be expanded by plugging in a M-16C, M-32C (very rare, originally only available on the Japanese market) or M-64C memory cartridge ... If a cartridge is inserted, the JX-10's built in sketchbook sequencer can be used (it can only be used if a cartridge is present) ...